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Trinity Street

Current PhD Students and Research Topics

Monika Consent and the Rape Law in India: Interrogating the Implications of Consent
Arosemena Burbano, Maria Jose The association between family exposure to violence and the development of morality in early childhood.
Atherley, Loren

Risk Managing Demand for Differential Response: A Case Study in Evidence-Based Policing.

Bonfield, Miles Cyber Crime and Organised Crime; a Statistical Analysis of the Threat and What Works Against it.
Butler, Daniel Predicting Cybercrime Pathways: A Textual Analysis. 
Campo-Tena, Laura Understanding gender differences in adolescent dating violence victimisation: a longitudinal investigation of associated predictors and outcomes
Carlo, Sarah Motivation and Morality in Situational Action Theory: Moderating Intimate Partner Violence. 
Cooper, John How effective is police-led diversion
Dale, Nick  
Demole, Noelle An exploration of the modus operandi used by sex traffickers in the UK.
Dewan, Sarika Global trends in direct and indirect conflict-related mortality: towards targeted prevention and intervention.
Dixon, Sophie Child sexual exploitation networks in the UK: an analysis of how they operate.
Ellis, Sophie Legitimacy in prison-based forensic psychology practices.
Fallone, Andrew Unseen Walls: A Critical, Postcolonial and Pro-Feminist Approach to the Differential Impacts of State Policies on 'Irregular' Migrants' Access to Information during Journeys through Mexico and Algeria. 
Fischer, Ariadni How do people experience simultaneous family imprisonment in English prisons?
Gardom, Judith 'Reading for pleasure' in prisons in England and Wales: meaning and motives (working title).
Giannidi, Alexandra

Why offender rehabilitation?

Goldrosen, Nicholas Police Misconduct and Network Analysis
Harber, Katherine Does a replicated Turning Point diversion study in NW London show similar or different reoffending results to the study in Birmingham and why?
Herrmann, Christoph Exploring the utility of the fully immersive 360-degree video scenario method for the study of the situational causes of crime.
Hickie, Susannah Protecting the Protectors: What is next for police officers?
Hitchcock, Sydney An investigation into the barriers and facilitators guiding bystander decision-making in UK university students during situations of sexual misconduct.
Hogan, Thomas

Getting Away With Rape: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Rape Charging Decisions in England and Wales

Huang, Yantian Proposed research title: The abuse and exploitation of foreign domestic workers
Imoro, Mohammed Za-Yan Institutionalizing Anti-Corruption Agencies: A Study of The Enforcement Process of Ghana's Office of The Special Prosecutor and Right to Information Act. 
Jordan, Jasmine The Symbiotic Harms of Incarceration: Political and Community Effects of the Incarceration of Black Women.
Knisley, Alyssa Jordan Group criminality in the neighborhood: situating street gangs and social processes within communities in London
Lesiak, Magdalen Karolina Proposed research title: Victims’ Emotional Attachment to Their Perpetrators- New Perspectives
Li, Rosalie Jiahui Chinese juvenile offenders' experiences attitudes towards educational and correctional programmes.
Li, Wenyue A Quantitative Network-Based Study in the Visualisation and Suppression of Illicit Drug Networks in the UK
Linton, Ben Targeting, testing and tracking of police interventions to reduce knife crime, focusing on the impact of knife crime prevention orders.
Lovatt-Waters, Graeme Proposed research title: Restorative Policing in England and Wales
Lyne, William Proposed research title: “Ransom here, there and everywhere”: Assessing the United Kingdom Response against the Ransomware Threat
Marks, Malia Proposed research title: Social and psychological factors of mass violence: the role of social learning and strain
Mejia-O'Donnell, Tania Prison pen-pals: The value of correspondence from laypeople
Morey, Martha ‘Purposeful activity’: masculinity and the meaning of prison work amongst young men in three english prisons
Mullin, Juliette Elizabeth Drug-related deaths under probation supervision following release from prison.
Padmanabhan, Kavya Welfare as Punishment? Understanding Disadvantaged Mothers’ Lives Within the Neoliberal State
Pataki, Rita Demand the Impossible: Criminology, Utopia & Abolition
Peng, Shihan A Transcultural Study on the Association between Early Childhood Abuse CallousUnemotional Traits: Comparison between China and the UK

Philip, Sophie

Experiences of supervision: Men released on license and assessed as a high risk of perpetrating intimate partner violence
Pomeroy, Jasmine The Prevent Profile: exploring the modern cyber-dependent offender
Przybylska, Daria Exploring the qualities and experiences of women’s open imprisonment: A semi-ethnographic study
Quin, Emily Exploring the ‘Copper’s Nose’ and the discourse surrounding its perceived existence, value and impact on policing in the UK
Read, Bradley Thomas Moral Quality and the Parole Process: understanding the role of prisoner identity, emotions, and ‘human vibrations’ in the parole system today
Rennie, Ailie The impact of release on mandatory life-sentenced prisoners' identities.
Rock, Freya

An Exploration of the Expressive and Communicative Function of the Victim Personal Statement in Sentencing Hearings in England and Wales

Rose, Simon

An analysis of the solvability factors across all volume crime types to fill the gaps in solvability factor research, resolve the contradictions between previous studies and address the challenges to external validity arising from different datasets

Rotherham, Simon The impact of Behavioural Detection training on Stop and Search efficacy and delivering procedurally just encounters.
Seif, Jeffrey The Effects of a Cadet Training Component on Police Attitudes: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Shahbazov, Ingilab Proposed research title: Corruption victims: do people facing bribery requests report their case?
Sharma, Kanupriya Negotiating Love & Intimacy Behind Bars: Understanding women's imprisonment and resettlement experiences through the lens of intimate relationships
Shi, Shujing Explore the Chinese Organised Drug Trafficking
Sinclair, Richard Proposed research title: “Fraud Prevention, Who Listens and Can People Change Their Ways?”
Sowatey, Emmanuel The Meanings, Nature and Experiences of Corruption among Police Officers in Ghana
Spence, Alison

How do police leaders negotiate the technical and institutional environments in managing police performance?

Suchomel Duskova, Eliska A qualitative study of how and why children in Czechia are told about their parent's imprisonment.
Tomlinson, Paul Proposed research title: Deterring Police Misconduct: A randomised control trial of in-service strategies to reduce misconduct amongst officers with identified risk factor
Trainor, Sara What is the role of private prosecution in the English criminal justice system?
Tripathi, Karan Proposed research title: Tech-panopticon Policing: Gendered Security, Citizenship, and Democracy in India’s “Safe City Project”
Tu, Hiu Hei

Juvenile Delinquency in Hong Kong: Moral Education in the Context of Situational Action Theory

Uhl, Andrzej Proposed research title: Corruption between morality and control: Applying Situational Action Theory to a bribery experiment
Verrey, Jacob John

Towards a Brave New World: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Public Safety via Algorithmic Analysis of Human Behavior

Vince, Claudia Elise Trauma and life imprisonment: How do men and women serving life sentences deal with and process experiences of trauma?
Walker, Brian Proposed research title: ‘We Want Justice!’ : How Media Shape and Are Shaped by Experiences of (In)Justice in Jamaica
Yang, Junyi

Dating violence and gaslighting experiences among university students

Yin, Mark Proposed research title: Children before court: young people’s encounters with the law