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Institute of Criminology

Trinity Street

Current PhD Students and Research Topics

Atherley, Loren Testing Evidence-Based Policing as a Strategic Framework:
A Quasi-Experimental Analysis”
Arosemena Burbano, Maria Jose  
Campo-Tena, Laura The Influence of Resilience Factors on the Longitudinal Associations between Adolescent Victimisation and Adverse Mental Health Outcomes
Carlo, Sarah Situational Action Theory as an Inclusive Theory of Intimate Partner Violence: an exploration of moral filtering and sexuality on violence in intimate relationships
Cole, Sam Jordan Translating Collective Efficacy for Effective Policy
Cooper, John Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) of offender desistance policing in Durham Constabulary (Operation Checkpoint)
Cope, Aiden  

Costa, João

Working on building peace in communities divided by violence

Delimata, Alexandra Mapping the dynamics of recall: Transitions, interactions and decision making in the cycle between custody and community
Denley, John Targeting, testing and tracking police-led and third sector-leg desistance interventions for organised crime group members
Demole, Noelle Modern day slavery
Dewan, Sarika Global trends in direct and indirect conflict-related mortality: towards targeted prevention and intervention
Dixon, Sophie Child sexual exploitation networks in the UK: an analysis of how they operate

Duskova, Eliska

Silent Victims of the Criminal Justice System: Experiences of Czech Children with Incarcerated Parents
Ellis, Sophie Louise Claire Compliance and legitimacy in prison-based forensic psychology practices
Fallone, Andrew Jacob Clandestine migration, social capital, and the impact of migration management and counter-smuggling policies on irregular migrants' experiences
Ferreira, Joana Behind bars: Domestic Violence Victims’ Experiences of the Imprisonment of their Partners
Fischer, Ariadni The experience of people who are in prison at the same time as family members.
Gardom, Judith The meaning of books for men in two Cat C prisons in the East of England: an exploratory study.
Giannidi, Alexandra  
Goldrosen, Nicholas Network analysis of police misconduct and misconduct sanctions
Hanstock, Richard Hackers, punishment and rehabilitation: a critical evaluation of sentencing practice in computer misuse cases
Herrmann, Christoph

Testing Situational Action Theory's perception-choice process using vignette experiments and comparing the methodological qualities of text, video and fully immersive video scenarios

Harber, Katie Does a replicated Turning Point police-led offender diversion study in NW London show similar or different results to the study in Birmingham and why?
Hogan, Thomas

A quantitative analysis of the effect of vertical prosecution on rape cases in England

Hickie, Susannah Protecting the Protectors: What is next for police officers?
Hitchcock, Sydney Investigating the factors informing bystander decision making in UK university students when considering sexual misconduct in a familiar setting
Hutton, Marie A case for change?: the lived experience of the right to respect for one’s private and family life under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights in English and Welsh prisons
Imoro, Mohammed Za-Yan How do Political Settlements Impact the Institutionalization of Anti-corruption Reforms? A case study of Ghana’s Office of the Special Prosecutor and Right to Information Law.
Jarman, Benjamin Moral economy and the pursuit of desistance
Jethwa, Yeshwant Strategies to strengthen investigation and prosecution of violent property crimes (Dacoity)
Kennedy, Laura A situational action theory analysis of the roles of morality and moral contexts in school-based bullying perpetration
Knisley, Alyssa Jordan Group Criminality in the neighbourhood: situating street gangs and social processes within communities in London
Kumar, Sumit Implementing, Tracking and Testing the Pathfinder Programme in Devon and Cornwall: An Offender Desistance Policing Randomized Field Trial
Langley, Brandon Applying a procedural justice checklist in border examinations: a countrywide multi-site randomized controlled trial on legitimacy
Larmour, Simon Evaluating moralities for variant types of psychopathy conceptualised by the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personalities (CAPP)
Lee, Bomin Childhood conduct disorder and later offending: Identifying protective factors that prevent children with conduct disorders from developing into criminal offenders and investigating the replicability of protective factors over generations.
Li, Rosalie Jiahui Chinese young offenders’ experiences, perceptions and attitudes towards educational and correctional programmes: an exploratory study
Lieber, Elinor Friendship, care, and the flow of power: social relationships in a male and female prison
Linton, Ben Targeting, testing and tracking of police interventions to reduce knife crime, focusing on the impact of knife crime prevention orders
Longhorn, Jake No Wrong door: The barriers to and benefits of a new model of social care
Marshall, Hannah  Child Criminal Exploitation and County Lines: A Qualitative Study
Mejia-O'Donnell, Tania Prison Pen-Pals: The Value of Correspondence and Support From Individuals Not Known to Inmates Prior to Their Incarceration
Mullin, Juliette Elizabeth Deaths in the community under supervision post-release from custody
Munshey, Menaal Terrorism, Justice, and Legitimacy in Northwest Pakistan
Packham, Daniel Military veterans’ experience of imprisonment
Padmanabhan, Kavya Reconstructing “Broken” Ties: How Formerly Incarcerated Mothers’ Parenting Practices Reveal Agency and Resiliency Post-Release

Philip, Sophie

The community supervision of 'high risk' perpetrators of domestic abuse in England and Wales

Przyblska, Daria A semi-ethnographic study of women’s open prisons in England.
Quin, Emily Exploring the ‘Copper’s Nose’ and the discourse surrounding its perceived existence, value and impact on policing in the UK
Raffan Gowar, Rebecca New estimates for the economic and social costs of crime in England and Wales
Ramaj, Klea The Albanian cycle of victimisation: Exploring the pathways between maternal exposure to violence and early child development
Read, Bradley Thomas Moral Quality and the Parole Process: understanding the role of prisoner identity, emotions, and ‘human vibrations’ in the parole system today
Rennie, Ailie A short longitudinal study of lifers’ pre-release expectations and post-release realities during resettlement
Richaud Domínguez, Shanodeze  
Rock, Freya

Crime victims' experiences and use of the Victim Personal Statement (VPS) in Crown Court sentencing hearings in England and Wales

Rose, Simon

An analysis of the solvability factors across all volume crime types to fill the gaps in solvability factor research, resolve the contradictions between previous studies and address the challenges to external validity arising from different datasets

Shafi, Faryal Understanding matricide in contemporary Pakistan
Sharma, Kanupriya Negotiating Love & Intimacy Behind Bars: Understanding women's imprisonment and resettlement experiences through the lens of intimate relationships
Shovel, Miriam A critical investigation of ‘positive action’ and ‘positive outcomes’ in the policing of domestic abuse in England.
Sowatey, Emmanuel Addo The Meanings, Nature and Experiences of Corruption among Police Officers in Ghana
Shi, Shujing Explore the crime pattern of cross-border drug trafficking in Hong Kong
Spence, Alison Mary Post New Public Management: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Legitimacy in 21st Century Policing
Trainor, Sara What is the role of private prosecution in the English criminal justice system?
Tu, Hiu Hei Enhancing the feasibility of Situational Action Theory to explain crimes in Eastern Asian culture
Verrey, Jacob John  
Vince, Claudia Elise  
Widdicombe, Benjamin The ‘public interest’ in criminal prosecutions
Yang, Junyi Dating violence and gaslighting experiences among university students