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Institute of Criminology





Professor Darrick Joliffe

School of Law & Criminology, University of Greenwich

Research: The Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development (CSDD) is a prospective longitudinal study of 411 London males who were first assessed in 1961 - 62 at age 8 - 9.  The main aim of the CSDD is to study the development of offending and antisocial behaviour from childhood to adulthood. He will be co-directing this study and managing a new sweep of data collection of the men at ages 68 - 69.

Visiting: May 2021 - May 2024

Professor Andreas Kapardis

Faculty of Law, University of Cyprus

Visiting: September 2022 - May 2024






Dr Ruth Armstrong

Research: National and international experiences of life in prison and life post release from prison; education in prison; desistance from crime; impact through research; relationships between third sector/charitable sector/criminal justice sector and academia; death penalty; film making and audio production.

Visiting: October 2022 - September 2024

Dr Giordana Campagna

Giordana will be working on two projects; the first project is turning her PhD thesis 'The Constitution of Mercy' into a monograph and the second is a new project entitled 'The Opposite of Mercy'

Visiting: October 2023 - September 2024

Dr Hanne Duinham

Assistant Professor of Forensic Youth Care Sciences at Utrecht University, focusing on the identification and prevention of violent youth radicalization in the context of misinformation and conspiracy belief. Her research, conducted in schools and judicial settings across the Netherlands and the UK, includes the project ‘Consumed by conspiracy: Examining the Risks and Solutions of Radicalization in Youth’, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Friedrich Lösel.

Visiting: December 2022 - December 2024

Mrs Lana Jeries-Loulou

Research: 'A gendered analysis based on the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development'. The primary aim of the study is to formulate a broader research proposal, using data parallel to the longitudinal data of the CSDD. This study will be based on information from two generations of the CSDD, a prospective longitudinal study of 411 males from an inner-city area of London in the UK who were followed over 50 years.

Visiting: September 2022 - September 2024

Ms Ashley Mehra

Research: Law student at Yale Law School. Ashley is supporting two Overview of Systematic Reviews (OoRs) projects, both concerning domestic abuse. As Senior Researcher to Professors Barak Ariel and Matthew Bland, Ashley is utilising an evidence-based medicine framework (PICO process) to evaluate the incidence risk, prevalence, and causes of domestic abuse, as well as assess randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of interventions for victims, survivors, and offenders.

Visiting: December 2021 - November 2024 

Dr Abigail Rowe

Dr Rowe's research is sociologically orientated and empirically grounded, with substantive interests in prisons, punishment, and gendered experiences of criminalisation. Abigail's current research centres on a wide-ranging examination of the experiences of same-sex attracted women in conflict with the law.

Visiting: April 2024 - July 2024 

Dr Yannick van den Brink

Associate Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Yannick is conducting research on "Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage" with Dr Caroline Lanskey.

Visiting: May 2023 - February 2024



Mr Yuki Ishiyama

National Police Agency of Japan

Research: a study on special investigative methods and their coordination with privacy aspects in the United Kingdom

Visiting: August 2023 - August 2023

Mr Jaeha Park

Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Korea, South Korea

Research: A Study of the Investigator Education and Training System

Visiting: August 2023 - February 2025

Mr Sangyong Park

Suwon Prosecutor's Office, South Korea

Research: Role of prosecutors in enhancing police accountability, with specific focus on comparing the prosecutor police relationship in the UK and Korea

Visiting: December 2023 - December 2024

Mr Octavian Raclau

PhD student in Public, Criminal and International Law at the University of Pavia.

Research: Octavian is a second-year PhD student and will continue working on his research project which concerns private prisons in comparative perspective.

Visiting: March 2024 - June 2024

Ms Yumiko Sugiuchi

National Police Agency of Japan

Research: Legislation and Research and Development for Practical Application and Widespread Use of Automated Driving

Visiting: August 2023 - August 2023