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Institute of Criminology


The Institute awards a number of annual awards and prizes, details of which are listed below.

Awards / Prizes

Current Recipient(s)

Manuel López-Rey Graduate Prize

The Manuel López-Rey Graduate Prize is awarded annually for the best academic performance on the MPhil programme.

(2023) Ashna Devaprasad

Felix Enterkin and Bethany Currie were awarded proxime accesserunt.

Nigel Walker Prize

The Nigel Walker Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding PhD in the field of Criminology, completed by a member of the University of Cambridge (Statutes and Ordinances (2023), Chapter XII, pg: 953).

(2024) Laura Kennedy

Liam McSharry and Guy Skinner were awarded proxime accesserunt.

Kathleen McDermott Award

This prize is awarded on the MSt in Applied Criminology, Penology and Management in honour of the late Kathleen McDermott, for a thesis in which the author has demonstrated a gift for fieldwork which captures the excitement and promise of research.

(2024) Sarah Bibi-Kruger

MSt in Applied Criminology, Penology & Management Years 1 and 2 Informal Prize

This prize is awarded annually to students in both year who achieve the best academic performance overall in their cohort.

(2023) Liz Wheen (Year 1) and Katy Hopkins (Year 1)

(2024) Ruth Stevens (Year 2)

Sir Richard Mayne Award

The Sir Richard Mayne Award is given for outstanding academic achievement on the MSt in Applied Criminology and Police Management.

(2023) Dan Whitten

Sir Robert Peel Medal

The Sir Robert Peel Medal is awarded annually for Outstanding Leadership in Evidence Based Policing.

(2023) Jerry Ratcliffe

Victor Lissack Prize

The Victor Lissack Prize is given to the MSt in Applied Criminology and Police Management student who achieves the highest and most consistent marks in Year One. It is awarded in memory of Victor Lissack.

(2023) Leigh Knight