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Laura holds an MSc (Distinction) in Mental Health from Queen Mary University of London and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. She joined the Violence Research Centre, at the Institute of Criminology (IoC), in 2018 to coordinate the Evidence for Better Lives study, a global birth-cohort study that included eight study sites in low- and middle-income countries.


In 2020, Laura began her ESRC and Cambridge Trust-funded doctoral research to explore longitudinal aspects associated with adolescent dating violence victimisation at the IoC. Her research examines risk and protective factors, several mental health and wellbeing outcomes, and the influence of resilience portfolios on the longitudinal outcomes of victimisation. The project is supervised by Prof. Eisner (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Pereda (University of Barcelona).

Laura collaborates in violence prevention research projects related to the abuse of older people and to violence against women in the Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing Unit and the Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research, respectively, at World Health Organization. Among these projects, she has participated in the development of a survey module to adequately measure violence against women aged 60 and over for the WHO Women’s health and life experiences questionnaire.

Research interests: victimisation, mental health, resilience, longitudinal research, systematic reviews.

Laura is part of the Violence Research Centre: .


Key publications: 
  • Campo-Tena, L., Larmour, S., Pereda, N., Eisner, M.P. (in press). Longitudinal Associations between Adolescent Dating Violence Victimization and Adverse Outcomes: A Systematic Review. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.
  • Campo-Tena, L., Larmour, S., Ribeaud, D., Eisner, M.P. (in press). Early Adolescence Predictors of Adolescent Dating Violence Victimization. The Journal of Early Adolescence.
  • Campo-Tena, L., Roman, G. D., Murray, A. L., Luong Thanh Bao, Y., G., Marlow, M., Foley, S., Anwer, Y., Dadzie, A. Q., Dadzie, A., Hernandez, S. S., Lindsay, C., Shobhavi, R., Smith, J. A., Taut, D., Eisner, M. P. (2023). Assessing neighbourhood characteristics and their association with maternal stress, depressive symptoms, and well-being in eight culturally diverse cities: A cross-sectional study. Research Square.
  • Mikton, C., Campo-Tena, L., Yon, Y., Beaulieu, M., Shawar, Y. R. (2022). Factors shaping the global political priority of addressing elder abuse: a qualitative policy analysis. The Lancet Healthy Longevity, 3 (8), e531–39.
  • Shawar, Y. R., Mikton, C., Beaulieu, M., Yon, Y., Campo-Tena, L. (2022). Clinical resource allocation for the mitigation of elder abuse – Authors' reply. The Lancet Healthy Longevity, 3 (10), e650.
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