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Alexandra holds a BA in Philosophy from UCL, a BA in Law from the University of Cambridge, and an LLM in Criminology from the Law School of Athens (NKUA). She has completed her legal training in a criminal law firm in Athens, Greece and is a member of the Athens Bar Association. Since October 2022, Alexandra has been a PhD Candidate at the Institute of Criminology, fully funded by the ESRC. She is affiliated with the Centre for Penal Theory and Ethics and the Justice and Society Research Centre. Alexandra has also been a Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law.


Alexandra’s research, supervised by Professor Antje Du Bois-Pedain and Dr Caroline Lanskey, aims to combine legal-philosophical argument with secondary analysis of empirical data to offer a theory of offender rehabilitation and a normative framework for care-oriented rehabilitation policy. She aims to develop three distinct models of rehabilitation corresponding to coherent accounts of (i) its purpose, (ii) practice, (iii) and normative foundations. To illustrate the reach of each model she draws from empirical work on rehabilitation, prisons, and probation, as well the theory of sentencing law and parole board decision making. To analyse the foundations and order of priority of state duties to invest in each model of rehabilitation, she draws from the philosophy of punishment and constitutional theory.

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