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Nigel Walker Lecture

The Nigel Walker Lecture series was inaugurated in 1997, and is named in honour of the Institute's second Director, Nigel Walker, who served as Wolfson Professor of Criminology from 1973 to 1984

The Nigel Walker Lecture

This is an annual lecture given by an eminent criminologist. See below for a full list of previous lectures:

1997Professor David Garland
'Governmentality' and the Problem of Crime: Foucault, Criminology, Sociology
1998Professor Stanley Cohen
The Sociology of Denial: Knowing about Atrocities and Suffering

Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms

Criminology and the Problem of Order
2000Professor Michael Tonry
Interactions between Crime Rates and Criminal Policies across Space and Time
2001Professor Anthony Duff
Crime, Prohibition, and Punishment
2002Professor Andrew Ashworth
Reassessing Robbery
2003Professor Andrew von Hirsch
Penalising Offensive Behaviour
2004Professor Franklin Zimring
Toward a Comparative Law and Criminology of Corruption
2005Professor Nicola Lacey
The Criminal Jurisprudence of H.L.A. Hart

Professor David P Farrington

The Development of Offending and Antisocial Behaviour from Childhood to Adulthood
2007Professor Friedrich Lösel
Developmental Prevention and Offender Treatment: What Does the Evidence Show?
2009Professor Robert Sampson
The Immigration & Diversity Debate: Insight from Criminology
2010Professor Alison Liebling
Distinctions and Distinctiveness in the Work of Prison Officers: Legitimacy and Authority Revisited
2011Professor Richard E. Tremblay
Origins, Development and Prevention of Chronic Physical Aggression: From Criminology to Obstetrics and Epigenetics
2012Professor Per-Olof Wikström
Breaking Rules: Exploring and explaining the causes of young people’s crime
2013Professor Susanne Karstedt

Global Hot Spots of Violence: Exploring the Paradox of State Strength and Weakness

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2014Professor Adrian Raine

The Biological Roots of Crime: Implications for Society and Criminology

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2015Professor Peter Reuter

Drug Policy and the Public Good: Legalization and its Limits

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2016 Professor John Braithwaite
Restorative Justice: Niches in War Prevention, Crime Prevention
2017 Professor Candace Kruttschnitt

Challenging a Gender Response Approach to Female Offending: Does the Empirical Research Bear Out this Perspective?

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Professor Manuel Eisner

Creating More Peaceful Societies: Global Strategies to reduce Interpersonal Violence by 50% in 2040

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Dr Claudia García-Moreno 

Understanding and Addressing Violence Against Women as a Public Health Problem

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2020 This lecture was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
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