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Institute of Criminology


At the 2019 Congress of the Criminological Society of the German-speaking Countries Friedrich Lösel has received the Beccaria Gold Medal for outstanding achievements in Criminology. The prize was handed over by the Society’s President, Professor Grafl, in the City Hall of Vienna (see photo).

2019 Friedrich Losel Beccaria Gold Medal

In his acceptance speech Friedrich emphasized how important this honour was to him as Cesare Beccaria, founder of classical Criminology in the 18th Century, had argued for reforms in criminal law that would prevent future crime and re-offending, and not just the punishment of past behaviour. Much of Friedrich’s research has addressed these aims.

Previous recipients of the Beccaria Gold Medal have included: Sheldon and Eleonor Glueck, Konrad Lorenz, Thorsten Sellin, Marvin Wolfgang, Freda Adler, Albert Reiss, David Farrington (Institute of Criminology), and Lawrence Sherman (Institute of Criminology).