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Institute of Criminology


For recordings, please click on Lecture Titles:

The Cambridge Delinquency Development Study: Looking Back, Looking Forwards

with Professor Darrick Joliffe and Dr Hannah Gaffney

Terror Trials: Life and Law in Delhi's Courts

with Dr Mayur Suresh and Professor Nicky Padfield

Wrongful imprisonment: A Dialogue

with Sir Terry Waite and Dr Adrian Grounds

Launch of the Oxford Handbook of Criminology, 7th edition

with Professors Alison Liebling, Shadd Maruna and Lesley McAra

Launch of the Medieval Murder Maps: London, York and Oxford

Visit the Medieval Murder Map site here!

Evidence Based Policing Conference 2023:

- Improving the service to Victims

With Anna Hook, Stacey Rothwell and Chief Constable BJ Harrington

- Leadership, Management and Organisation and Individual health

With Professor Brendan Burchell and Dr Jessica Miller

- Decision-making in policing

With Peter Neyroud and Professor Jason Roach 

Probation unification: Stories, symbols and belonging

25th Annual Bill McWilliams Lecture with Professor Lol Burke

Can developmental criminology help prevent violence in high-violence societies?

Findings from four decades of research following 20,000 families in Brazil

with Professor Joseph Murray

Human Development and Violence Research Centre & Postgraduate Programme in Epidemiology, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil 

Speaking to the Data :

Black Men's Perception of Pathway Non-Progression

With Presenter Darrick Jolliffe, Professor of Criminology, School of Law and Criminology, University of Greenwich and Honorary Research Fellow at The Institute of Criminology

And Discussants  Dr Roxy Short, Research Manger, London Pathways Partnership and Mr Keiran Manners, Registered social worker

Punishment and Revenge

with Presenter, Professor Leo Zaibert, Andreas von Hirsch Professor of Penal Theory and Ethics, Director of the Centre for Penal Theory and Ethics

and Discussant, Professor Alison Liebling

'The Spaces Between'

Trustworthiness and trust in the police among three immigrant groups in Australia

with Presenter, Professor Ben Bradford, UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science

and discussant, Associate Professor Justice Tankebe


'Disorder, Social Control, and Opportunity'

Advancing research on communities and crime

with Presenter, Assistant Professor Charles Lanfear and Discussant, Associate Professor Kyle Treiber

Find Kyle's slides here