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Institute of Criminology


Please find below recordings of event organsed and hosted by the Institute, which includes: webinars, seminars, conferences and annual lectures.

24th Annual Bill McWilliams Memorial Lecture



Annual Nigel Walker Seminar


This year's Nigel Walker Seminar was presented by Professor John Braithwaite (School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Australian National University).

Macrocriminology and Freedom argues that when freedom is interpreted as freedom from domination, it becomes a powerful explanation of crime at the macro level. This republican, social democratic theory refines some of criminology’s central theories and sharpens their relevance to all varieties of freedom. The work can be reduced to one sentence: Strengthen freedom to prevent crime, prevent crime to strengthen freedom. With some reference to Manuel Eisner’s work, this lecture goes beyond the book to consider how and why crime varies across time, why Europe and Asia are the low crime continents today, why South America and Africa are high crime continents (and how they might liberate themselves from that circumstance).  The book is available for free download at:


Anthony Bottoms Festschrift - Book Launch

To celebrate the recent publication of: Liebling, A., Shapland, J. Sparks, R. & Tankebe, J. (Eds.) (2022) Crime Justice and Social Order.  Essays in Honour of A. E. Bottoms.  Clarendon Studies in Criminology.  Oxford University Press; the Institute hosted this book launch which was attended by Anthony Bottoms, editors and contributors, and members of the Institute.

Public Guest Seminar:

Dr Susan Hatters Friedman 'Child Murder by Mothers: Clinical and Legal Considerations'