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Institute of Criminology


21 November 2019

Barak Ariel

Public Seminar:

Dr Barak Ariel: Policing Hot Spots in London

14 November 2019

Professor John MacDonald

Public Seminar:

Professor John MacDonald: Changing Places.  How the science of urban planning can make our cities healthier, safer, and more liveable. 

7 November 2019

Manuel Eisner

Public Seminar:

Professor Manuel Eisner, Dr Paolo Campana and Dr Justice Tankebe: The Past, the Present and Future of Violence Research

31 October 2019

Caroline Lanskey and Ben Jarman

Public Seminar:

Dr Caroline Lanskey and Ben Jarman: A Poor Prospect Indeed: The State’s Disavowal of Child Abuse Victims in Youth Custody.

24 October 2019

 Professor Stephen Farrall

Public Seminar:

Professor Stephen Farrall: Exploring the Impact of Thatcherism on Criminal Careers

17 October 2019

In conversation with Caroline Lanskey

Public Seminar:

In Conversation.... with Dr Caroline Lanskey

12 September 2019

Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms Valedictory Lecture

9 July 2019

12th Annual Evidence-Based Policing Conference 2019

25 June 2019

FAIR Conference 2019

23 May 2019

Dr Claudia García-Moreno

22nd Annual Nigel Walker Lecture: Understanding and addressing violence against women as a public health problem

Dr Claudia Garcia-Moreno

18 March 2019

Right to Die Panel

Public Seminar:

'The Right to Die?' A Panel Discussion on Assisted Dying

12 March 2019

Professor Michele Burman

Public Seminar:

Justice Journeys: experiences of the criminal justice process for victim-survivors of rape

6 March 2019

Dr Ben Laws

Public Seminar:

Emotions in Prison: using metaphor to explore feelings, order and control

27 February 2019

Professor Mike Hough

Public Seminar:

Failing to integrate migrant teenagers: lessons from the International Self-Report Delinquency Study

27 February 2019

What Police Wear and Why It Matters: Tasers, Cameras, Uniforms and Experimental Criminology 

Audio only.  View the slides

11 February 2019

Peter Neyroud Seminar 

Public Seminar:

Punishment Without Trial:  Research And Policy In Out-Of-Court Disposals By Police

 31 January 2019

 Prof Sherman and Dr Strang - The CARA Experiment 

Public Seminar:

How Hampshire Police Reduced Domestic Abuse: The CARA Experiment

22 January 2019

Professor Sherman Crime Harm Index

Public Seminar:

The Cambridge Crime Harm Index: A Global Progress Report