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Institute of Criminology


We are pleased to post a selection of theses which have been given marks of distinction. Please note that it is not always possible to post theses of a confidential nature or if they include sensitive data. In some instances, sensitive data may have been removed.

We thank those who have given permission and request those reading them to respect their intellectual property.

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Author Year Title Download
Anonymous by request 2009 Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy: An examination of the process-based model in understanding what influences suspect perceptions Download
Nall, A 2017 The Identification & Ranking of Organised Crime Groups and Members: Combining the Crime Harm Index (CHI) and Social Network Analysis (SNA) Download
Antoine, B 2016 The Rise and Fall of Hotspots of Homicide in the Port-of-Spain Division: changes over time in characteristics of murder Download
Bardsley, G 2021 Can Crime and Detections be counted differently: Demonstrating the Cambridge Consensus Statement for Counting Crime and Detections in Devon & Cornwall Download
Barnham, L 2016 Targeting Perpetrators of Partner Abuse in Thames valley: a two year follow up of crime harm escalation Download
Beutgen, A 2019 Swedish police officers’ views of selected evidence-based policing research findings Download
Bitters, F 2021 Children on Child Protection Plans: Are the Police Missing Opportunities to Intervene Earlier and Failing to Prevent Future Harm? Download
Bland, M 2014 Targetting Escalation in Common Domestic Abuse: How Much if Any? Download
Bolduc, M   Are Police Agencies in Quebec, Canada, Ready to Integrate Actuarial Forecasting Models? An Exploratory Study About the Suspects’ Releasing Decision-Making Process of Sûreté du Quebec Officers Download
Bradley, K 2024 Do Trauma-Informed Investigation Teams in One Hospital Increase Detection, Reduce Repeat Victimisation, and Reduce Recidivism: A Comparative Study Download
Calder, S 2024 Serious Further Offence Reviews: Understanding the Perceptions of Probation Practitioners and Decision-Makers Download
Carden, R 2012 Car Key Burglaries: An Exploratory Analysis Download
Chalkley, R. 2015 Predicting serious domestic assaults and murder in Dorset Download
Chilton, S. 2011 Randomised Controlled Trial using Conditional Cautioning as a response to Domestic Abuse Download
Clark, B 2021 Reassurance Contacts by Local Police Officers with Victims of Vehicle Crime and Cycle Theft: A Block Randomised Control Trial Download
Clark, D 2015 Tracking the victims of Boiler-room Fraud – Citizens at risk! Download
Cornelius, N 2015 Perceptions of domestic abuse victims to police disposals post-arrest by conditional caution, simple caution or no further action Download
Cowan, D 2018 What is the context of police and court diversion in Victoria and what opportunities exist for increasing police diversion of offenders? Download
De Brito, C 2016 Will Providing Tracking Feedback on Hot Spot Patrols Affect the Amount of Patrol Dosage Delivered? Download
Drover, P 2014 Leading and Testing Body worn Video in Wolverhampton Download
Etheridge, P 2015 An Exploratory Study of the Application of the Cambridge Harm Index (CHI) to Crime Data in South Yorkshire Download
Foster, J 2020 'An Exploratory Study of How Practitioners in UK Fire and Rescue Services Working with Children and Young People Who Set Fires Identify Clients Requiring Psychosocial Interventions' Download
Giles, E 2020 Resettlement: a postcode lottery? An exploratory study of the geographical and socioeconomic factors impacting desistance from crime Download
Gordon, J 2022 Targeting High-Harm Victim-Offenders for Offender Management to Reduce Harm: A BCU-Level Analysis Download
Hale, J 2024 Tracking Crime Harm by Phone Numbers of Customers of Drug Dealers: Analysing Changes from Before to After Arrest of Drug Dealers Download
Hallworth, J 2016 'County Lines': and Exploratory analysis of migrating drug gang offenders in North Essex Download
Henstock, D 2015 Testing the effects of body-born video on police use of force during arrest: a randomised controlled trial Download
Hodgkinson, W 2021 Comparing Two Different Alarm Systems for High-Risk Domestic Abuse Victims: A Randomised Controlled Trial Download
Jackson, M 2010 Murder Concentration and Distribution Patterns in London An Exploratory Analysis of Ten Years of Data Download
Jackman, R 2015 Measuring harm in a cohort of sex offenders in Norfolk Download
Jarman, R. 2012 Could conditional cautions be used as a suitable intervention for certain cases Download
Jones, A. 2016 Tracking Investigative Outcomes of Sexual offences in British Transport Police by the Medium of reporting Download
Keating, R 2022 Managing High-Risk Suspects In Custody: A Legal and Operational Analysis Download
Knight, C 2022 Mapping public place reported crime and harm against women and girls Download
Kruger, S 2023 Exploring Persistence and Barriers to Desistance for Young Offenders in Isiolo, Kenya Download
Langley, B. 2013 A randomised control trial comparing the effects of procedural justice to experienced utility theories in airport security stops Download
Lawes, D. 2014 Targeting Traffic Enforcement with a Collision Harm Index: A Descriptive Study in the City Of London Download
Lay, W 2021 Reducing Repeat Harm: Forecasting high-harm victims for prevention and protection Download
Leggetter, M 2021 Implementing a Hot Spot Targeting Alarm System A Participant Observation Case Study Download
Lekare, A 2024 Exploring common risk factors associated with shootings with lethal outcomes in street gang milieus in Sweden Download
Macbeth, E. 2015 Evidence-Based vs Experience-Based Targeting of Crime and Harm Hotspots in Northern Ireland Download
McAuliffe, K 2024 'Frequency and Harm: An Exploratory Analysis of Missing Children' Download
McDonagh, R 2022 The changing profile of Modern Slavery crime: Tracking outcomes in Investigations by the Metropolitan Police 2016 – 2021 Download
McKee, J. 2021 Testing the effects of delivering procedural justice by reassurance telephone calls to victims of screened out vehicle crime: evidence from a randomised controlled trial Download
Nethercott, C. 2020 ‘Life on the Book’ (The lived experience of the high-risk, category A prisoner) Download
Olphin, T. 2014 Solving Violent Crime: Targeting Factors that Predict Clearance of Non-Domestic Violent Offences Download
Ottaro, P 2024 Targeting Hot Spots and Harm Spots in a Mass Transit System in Canada: A Tale of the City of Edmonton Download
Paine, C. 2012 Solvability Factors in Dwelling Burglaries in Thames Valley Download
Parkinson, J. 2012 Managing Police Performance in England and Wales: Intended and Unintended Consequences Download
Platz, D. 2016 The Impact of a value education programme in a police recruit training academy: a randomised trial. Download
Pugh, M 2022 Criminal Records of Persons Stopped and Searched on Suspicion of Drug Crimes: A Racial Disparity Analysis Download
Ralph, M 2022 Tracking Stalking for High Harm Outcomes: A 365-Day Follow-up Analysis Download
Routledge , G 2015 A Protocol and Phase I Experimental Trial: The Checkpoint Desistance Programme in Durham Download
Ross, N 2022 A descriptive study of harm levels among registered sex offenders over four years following conviction Download
Rowland, J 2012 What happens after arrest for Domestic Abuse: A Prospective Longitudinal Analysis of over 2,200 Cases Download
Rowlinson, T 2015 An An Observational Process Study of a Short Programme for lower-risk Domestic Abuse Offenders under Conditional Caution in the Hampshire CARA Experiment Download
Scott, C 2015 Patterns and Concentrations of Risk in Reported Police Pursuit Incidents in New Zealand Download
Seif, J 2022 The Effects of a Cadet Training Component on Police Attitudes: A Randomized Controlled Trial Download
Sharp, S 2016 Pickpocketing on The Railway: Targeting solvable cases Download
Sloan, A 2020 The pursuit of cohesion: An exploratory study of the values of, and relationship between, Heads of Security and Heads of Safety in prisons Download
Smith, C 2016 A Case Control Analysis of Offenders Issued with Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPOs) in Hertfordshire Download
Stephens, R 2024 A study using Situation Action Theory (SAT) to explore prisoner violence in High Security Prisons Download
Stevens, I 2024 Exploring the concept of 'the Third Place' in prison Download
Thompson, I 2016 The Impact of Procedural Justice Training on First Year Constables' Interactions with Citizens: an RCT Download
Thornton, S 2011 Predicting Serious Domestic Assaults and Murder in the Thames Valley Download
Urwin, S 2016 Algorithmic Forecasting of Offender Dangerousness for Police Custody Officers Download
Vo, Quoc Thanh 2015 6000 Cases of Missing and Absent Persons: Patterns of Crime Harm and Priorities for Resource Allocation Download
Weems, J 2013 Testing PCSO Cocooning of Near Repeat Burglary Locations Download
Whinney, A 2015 A descriptive analysis of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) for reducing the future harm of domestic abuse in Suffolk Download
Whiting, M 2014 Police Organisational Cultures and Inter-force Collaboration Download
Williams, S 2015 Do visits or time spent in hot spots patrol matter most? A randomised controlled trial in West Midland Police Download
Wright, M 2021 Tracking the Accuracy of Assessing High Risk Offenders for Intimate Partner Violence: A Ten-Year Analysis Download
Young, J 2014 Implementation of a Randomized Controlled Trial in Ventura, California- A Body-Worn Video Camera Experiment Download
Zimmermann, B 2011 Educational Level of Law Enforcement Officers and Frequency of Citizen Complaints: A Systematic Review Download