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10 Dec 2013

iai"Who Guards the Guards?: Policing, trust, and transparency"

Who Guards the Guards?, Charlie Falconer, Ian Blair, Ian Loader, Lawrence W. Sherman. Shaun Ley hosts.

"The police are widely trusted. But a range of scandals from phone hacking to 'plebgate' have led to doubts. Have we made a serious mistake? Should we be sceptical of police power and demand complete openness or is policing the police an impossible task that undermines our security?"

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2 Dec 2013

Prof. Manuel Eisner & Dr David K. Humphreys' Research on the Licencing Act in the news


Professor Manuel Eisner and Dr David K. Humphreys (University of Oxford) have been in the news regarding their research on licencing laws and violence

For more information about the discussion see:

Social Science and Medicine publication: ‘Do flexible alcohol trading hours reduce violence? A theory-based natural experiment in alcohol policy’

Cambridge University News

The Metro

The Times (subscription required):

The Morning Advertiser

Video Discussion on Sky News

For upto one week from the date of this article, you may also find the radio coverage of the Classic FM interview on their 'Listen Again' service

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Humphreys, D. K., Eisner, M. P., Wiebe, D. J. (2013). Evaluating the impact of flexible alcohol trading hours on violence: An interrupted time series analysis. PLOS ONE, 8 (2), e55581.

Humphreys, D. K., & Eisner, M. P. (2012). Do flexible opening hours reduce violence? An assessment of a natural experiment in alcohol policy. The Lancet, Vol. 380, S49.

Humphreys, D. K., Ogilvie, D. (2012). Social inequalities in physical activity: do environmental and policy interventions help to reduce the gap? A pilot systematic review. The Lancet, Vol. 380, S50.

Eisner, M. P. & Humphreys, D.K. (2011). Measuring conflict of interest in prevention and intervention research – a feasibility study in T. Bliesener, A. Beelmann & M. Stemmler (eds.), Antisocial behaviour and crime. Contributions of developmental and evaluation research to prevention and intervention. Göttingen, London: Hogrefe International.

Humphreys, D.K., & Eisner, M. P. (2010). Evaluating a natural experiment in alcohol policy: the Licensing Act (2003) and the requirement for attention to implementation. Criminology & Public Policy, Vol. 9., Issue 1.

Humphreys, D.K., & Eisner, M. P. (2010). Trend analysis of crime in Manchester 2004-2008: Observing the impact of the Licensing Act (2003). An independent report for the Greater Manchester Police.
Humphreys, D. K. (2009). Nightlife and Crime by Phil Hadfield (Book Review), Crime Prevention and Community Safety, Vol. 11, Issue 3.

Image of bottles from : Tom Twinhelix and Ewan Munroe

15 Oct 2013

2013 Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award

Professor David Farrington has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award by the 2013 American Society of Criminology's Division of International Criminology Awards Committee. The award is scheduled to be presented on November 22, 2013 at the Division's Awards Reception during the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Atlanta.


30 Sept 2013

Dr David Thomas QC (1938-2013)

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr David Thomas QC (1938-2013), a member of the academic staff of the Institute for over thirty years (1971-2003).

Recruited from the LSE soon after the publication of his path-breaking book Principles of Sentencing (1970), David Thomas was the first lawyer to be appointed to the Institute's staff. His outstanding achievement was in the building of bridges between academy and the practical world of courts and judges. In the 1970s his pioneering research work on the sentencing policy and practice of the Court of Appeal led to the first systematic exposition of sentencing law in England and Wales. There followed many invitations to participate in conferences and then training for judges in this sphere of work, which in turn led on to David's magnum opus, Current Sentencing Practice, which in various editions has been in daily use in the Crown Court for many years.

Sir Igor Judge, the Lord Chief Justice said of David, " he revolutionised the approach of courts in this country to sentencing. It has been a remarkable achievement, the product of an intensely inquiring mind... all accompanied by a lively wit and warm good humour."

Within the Institute he was a real team player, who took a full role in teaching and administration, and had a particular and much valued interest in the welfare of support staff. He was also an active Fellow of Trinity Hall (since 1971).
Our thoughts are with his wife, Margaret, and his family at this sad time.
An obituary appeared in The Guardian:


26 Sept 2013

Professor Lawrence Sherman awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Social Science

Professor Lawrence Sherman is awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Social Science from the University of Stockholm and the ASC Division of Experimental Criminology Jerry Lee Lifetime Achievement Award on the 27th September, of which Professor David Farrington was the first recipient in 2010. See the event, or Read more

25 Jun 2013

Privatising Probation

Privatising Probation: The Death Knell of a Much-Cherished Public Service? 16th Annual Bill McWilliams Memorial Lecture with speaker: Professor Paul Senior available to view online


1 May 2013

Lawrence Sherman on Social Science Bites podcast

Lawrence Sherman on Social Science Bites podcast he outlines his approach and gives some examples of its successes. Social Science Bites is made in association with SAGE.


First University Lecturer in Evidence-Based Policing

Dr Barak Ariel has been appointed to the Institute of Criminology on a long-term basis as the University’s first departmental Lecturer in Evidence-Based Policing.

20 Mar 2013

Prof Lawrence Sherman, has been enlisted as part of the T&T Police Service’s arsenal against crime.

Prof Lawrence Sherman, has been enlisted as part of the T&T Police Service’s arsenal against crime.


15 Mar 2013

Maria Ttofi was interviewed by The Economist on the subject of School Bullying available to read online :

Maria Ttofi was interviewed by The Economist on the subject of School Bullying available to read online : Quick Study: Maria Ttofi on School Bullying Prevention is the cure 15th March 2013


22 Feb 2013

Prof. Lawrence Sherman new director of College of Policing

The Home Secretary has recently announced Professor Lawrence Sherman as a Director of the newly established College of Policing.
Further information of the appointment.
Further information about the College.


30 Jan 2013

House of Lords seminar launces Institute Report on the Criminalisation of Migrant Women

House of Lords seminar launches Institute Report on the Criminalisation of Migrant Women

New Report by Criminology researchers Launched by Commonweal Housing Ltd.

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