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Institute of Criminology


9 - 11 July 2013



simSir Robert Peel Medal for Leadership in Evidence-Based Policing to Chief Constable Chris Sims, West Midlands Police
Presentation by Sir Denis O’Connor
Laudatio by Professor L. Sherman

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farrarSociety of Evidence Based Policing (SEBP) award for Excellence in Evidence Based Policing to Chief Tony Farrar of the Rialto Police Department

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janSir Richard Mayne Award to Jan Garton


pepPostgraduate Diploma and MSt Awards Ceremony: Cambridge Police Executive Programme 2013

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Slides, Video and Sound recordings from the Conference:

All Presentations below are in running order as they appeared on the day.


“Evidence and Police Professionalism”

Chief Constable Sara Thornton CBE QPM MSt (Cantab), Thames Valley Police UK

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“The Role of Evidence in the College of Policing.”

Chief Constable Alex Marshall QPM MSt (Cantab), CEO, College of Policing, UK

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9:00-10:00 – The Triple-T of Evidence-Based Policing: The Case of Domestic Violence

Professor Lawrence Sherman FRSA, University

of Cambridge

Chair and Discussant: Chief Constable Alex Marshall QPM MSt (Cantab) CEO, College of Policing UK
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10.30 – 11:30 Putting Evidence-Into Front-Line Policing in the USA

Chair: Professor Lawrence Sherman FRSA, University of Cambridge

"Institutionalizing research into practice: The Matrix Demonstration Projects."
Professor Cynthia Lum, George Mason University
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"Research receptivity in two police organizations"
Professor Cody Telep, George Mason University

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“The research-practitioner partnerships behind the Matrix”
Julie Grieco, George Mason University and Heather Vovak, George Mason University

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"Putting hot spots research into practice"
Professor Chris Koper, George Mason University
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11:30—12:30 The Birmingham and Peterborough PCSO Hot Spots Experiments UK

Chair: Sir Denis O’Connor, former HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, England and Wales

“ Police Leadership in West Midlands and Cambridgeshire”
Dr. Barak Ariel, Cambridge University and Hebrew University
Neil Wain, ACC Greater Manchester Police (ret)
Wendy Goodhill, West Midlands Police
Inspector Rob Hill, Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cristobal Weinborn, Cambridge University

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2:00– 3:00: Experiments in Reducing Homicide: Caribbean and South America

Chair: Javier Donnangelo (Director of Research, Ministry of the Interior, Uruguay)

A Homicide Hot Spots Patrol Test in Trinidad & Tobago”
Commissioner of Police Ag Stephen Williams, Trinidad & Tobago

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"Police training and accountability, lessons from social experiments in Latin America"

Dr. Daniel Ortega (Development Bank of Latin America), Venezuela

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3:15—4:15: Predictive Policing of Burglary Experiments: Birmingham and Leeds

Chair: Dr Heather Strang, Cambridge University

A Predictive Policing Test in Birmingham”

Chief Superintendent Alexander Murray, M.St. (Cantab) (West Midlands Police; Chair, Society of EBP)

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“A Predictive Policing Quasi-Experiment in Leeds.”
Superintendent Chris Rowley, West Yorkshire Police
Dr Katrin-Müller-Johnson, Cambridge Police Executive Programme

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4:15-5.30: Evidence-Based Policing from Sweden to Japan to France and Turkey. Chair: Chief Constable Peter Neyroud (ret), Cambridge University

"Recent Efforts toward Bridging Research and Practice at the National Research Institute of Police Science, Japan.

Dr. Yutaka Harada, National Research Institute for Police Science, Japan

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“Prospects for Evidence Based Policing in Turkey
Professor Fusun Sokullu-Akinci, University of Istanbul

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"The K-model: A Swedish Police Method to Reduce Youth Violence in Public Places. Magnitude of Implementation and Effects of Levels of Assault".

Dr Erik Wennerström, Director, Swedish National Crime Prevention Council

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What are police organizations? Towards a systematic comparative taxonomy of police forms

Dr Sebastian Roche, Sciences Po – Institute of Political Science/University of Grenoble.

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5:30—7:30 Reception with Cambridge “Hot Spots Band” (Institute of Criminology) featuring drummer Prof. Chris “Koper Curve” Koper, guitarist-vocalist Prof. Lawrence Sherman, and guitarist Mick Fairclough

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9.00- 10:30 Evidence-Based Policing at New Scotland Yard

Chair: Sir Dennis O’Connor, Radzinowicz Fellow, Cambridge University

Professor Betsy Stanko,Assistant Director, Corporate Development, Metropolitan Police Service

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The MPS EBP programme:  perpetual persuasion” 

Daniela Wunsch, Ben Linton, Metropolitan Police

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“Setting the standard for robust policing research - from performance analysis to random control trials”

Paul Dawson, Metropolitan Police

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“Ensuring an evidence based approach to public confidence:  natural and other experiments”
Liam Fenn, Metropolitan Police
Summary / Finish (Betsy Stanko)

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11:00-12:30: New Evidence from Cambridge M.St. Theses

Chair: Chief Constable Crispian Strachan CBE QPM (ret), Cambridge Police Executive Programme

“Targeting ‘Recruiters’ of First Offenders”
Ashley Englefield, Sacramento Police Depertment

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Effects of Body-Worn Video on Police- Citizen Encounters: An RCT”
Chief Tony Farrar, Rialto, California, USA
Dr Barak Ariel, Cambridge University

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“Solvability Factors for Burglary in Thames Valley
Superintendent Colin Paine, Thames Valley Police

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1.30 – 2:45: Policing Offenders, Not Offences: The Turning Point Experiment

Chair: Nicky Padfield, MA (Cantab), Master-elect, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Turning Point Policing”
Peter Neyroud, CBE, QPM, MA (Oxon), Dip App Crim (Cantab) Cambridge University
Molly Slothower, University of Maryland

Chief Superintendent Alexander Murray M.St. (Cantab) (West Midlands Police)

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“Cautioning Domestic Abuse: An Update on the CARA Project.”

Chief Superintendent Scott Chilton (Hampshire Police)

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3.00-4.00: Panel Discussion: The Role of Evidence in the College of Policing Chair: Professor Shirley Pearce, Chair, College of Policing

Sir Denis O’Connor CBE,Cambridge University

Professor Lawrence Sherman, Cambridge University

Peter Neyroud CBE, Cambridge University

Dr. Yutaka Harada, Japanese National Research Institute for Police Sciences

Dr. Erik Wennerström, Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention

Dr. Daniel Ortega, Development Bank of Latin America, Venezuela

Chief Tony Farrar, Rialto Police, California

Chief Jim Bueermann, Police Foundation, Washington DC

Dr. Heather Strang, Cambridge University

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4.00 – 4:45: The 2013 Sir Richard Mayne Lecture


Managing Police Informants: Is Evidence-Based Policing Possible?

Jan Garton, Swedish Ministry of Defence

This talk has not been made available online.
4:45 Postgraduate Diploma and MSt Awards Ceremony: Cambridge Police Executive Programme 2013 Valedictory Speaker: Sir Denis O’Connor
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