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Institute of Criminology


Conference Programme

Tuesday 9th July 2019


Presentation of the 2019 Sir Robert Peel Medal to Merete Konnerup

Chair: Professor Lawrence Sherman

Sir Robert Peel Address: Merete Konnerup, University of Copenhagen

 ppolicing domestic violence

Digital Policing of Domestic Violence and Rape: EBP in Kent Police

Chair: Dr. Heather Strang, Director, Cambridge Police Executive Programme

Dr. John Phillips, Kent Police
          Targeting Domestic Abuse in a Four-Tier Framework: A Progress Report
Kent McFadzien, University of Cambridge
          Tracking Rape Investigations Through Convictions in Kent
Dr. Heather Strang, Discussant

targetting high harm

Targeting High Harm in Denmark

Chair: Merete Konnerup, University of Copenhagen

Christian Frydensberg, Danish Police
          The Power Few Co-Offenders in Denmark
Soren Rye, Danish Police
          Predicting Domestic Homicide in Denmark

policing drugs and alcohol

Policing Drugs & Alcohol: How Police Can Reduce Crime Harm

Chair: Sir Denis O’Connor, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary (ret), & Cambridge Police Executive Programme

Professor Keith Humphreys, Stanford University Medical School
          Policing the Most Harmful Drug: The Potential for Alcohol Management
Professor Sir John Strang, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
          Supervised Heroin Injection: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention

safeguarding domestic abuse

 Safeguarding Domestic Abuse Victims at High Risk

Chair: Suzette Davenport Q.P.M.

Hayley Barnett, Derbyshire Police
          Targeting Future Domestic Abuse With DASH
Shelley Hemsley, South Yorkshire Police
          Tracking Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Repeat Victimization


 policing moped crime

Policing Moped Crime in London: Some Evidence

Speaker: DAC Amanda Pearson, Metropolitan Police Service

Chair: Chris Sims, OBE QPM DL, Chief Constable, West Midlands Police & Cambridge Police
Executive Programme

dangerous drivers

Digital Targeting of Dangerous Drivers

Chair: Dr. Peter Neyroud

Dr. Geoffrey Barnes, Western Australia Police & Cambridge University
          Identifying the Most Dangerous Drivers in Western Australia
Claus Serup, Danish Police
          Predicting Road Collisions in Denmark

applying ebp1

Applying EBP as a New Chief Officer 1

Chair: Alex Murray O.B.E, Metropolitan Police Service

Basit Javid, Metropolitan Police Service
Amanda Pearson, Metropolitan Police Service
Chris Rowley, Humberside Police
David Sandall, Leicestershire Constabulary

applying ebp2

Applying EBP as a New Chief Officer 2

Chair: Scott Chilton, Hampshire Police

Karen Baxter, City of London Police
Keith Surtees, Metropolitan Police Service
Simon Megicks, Norfolk Police


Wednesday 10th July 2019


EBP 2019 Knife Crime 

Knife Crime and Digital Approaches to Stop & Search

Chair: Professor Lawrence Sherman

John Massey, Metropolitan Police Service
          Targeting Stabbings and Knife Murders in London
Suzanne Hopper, Metropolitan Police Service
          Tracking Stop & Search Outcomes in London
Lee Bowen, City of London Police
          Targeting Hot Spots and Harm Spots for City of London Patrols
Discussant: Simon Rose, Metropolitan Police Service


EBP 2019 Digitizing Harm

Digitizing Harm in Police Targeting

Chair: Dr. Peter Neyroud CBE QPM, University of Cambridge

William White, Avon & Somerset
          Targeting Victim Harm in Avon & Somerset
Andy Bell, Dorset Police
          Tracking High-Harm Crimes Against Repeat Victims
Jamie Daniels, Greater Manchester Police
          Targeting High Harm From Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) of Females


EBP 2019 Deterring Offenders

Deterring Offenders with Digital Messaging: Two Field Tests

Chair: Dr. Barak Ariel

David Cestaro, Bedfordshire Police
          Deterrent Threats Sent By Covert Sources in Criminal Networks
Robert Goddard, Lancashire Police
          Nudging Organised Crime Through Social Media: An RCT


 EBP 2019 College of Policing

 Evidence-Based Policing at the College of Policing

Chair: Crispian Strachan CBE QPM, Chief Constable Northumbria (ret) & Cambridge Police Executive Programme

Speaker: Rachel Tuffin O.B.E.
Director of Knowledge & Innovation, College of Policing


 EBP 2019 Diversion from Prosecution

Digital Approaches to Diversion from Prosecution

Chair: John D. Parkinson OBE Chief Constable, West Yorkshire (ret) & Cambridge Police Executive Programme

David Cowan, Victorian Police
          Tracking the Fall of Diversion from Prosecution in Victoria
Jamie Spence, West Midlands Police
          An Out-of-court Intervention Model Using Bespoke Conditional Cautions


EBP 2019 Digital Advances

 Digital Advances in Policing for Victims

Chair: Dr. Heather Strang

William Jenkins, Humberside Police
          Compliance with Victim Updating Requirements: An RCT
Chloe Catney, West Yorkshire Police
          Tracking Missing Persons
Zoe McKee, Police Service of Northern Ireland
          Testing Training for Rape Investigators: An RCT


EBP 2019 Awards Ceremony

 Awards Ceremony: Cambridge Police Executive Programme 2019

Chair: Dr. Heather Strang, Director, Cambridge Police Executive Programme

Valedictory Speaker: Sir Denis O’Connor