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Institute of Criminology


FAIR Conference 2019
25 June 2019

The Families and Imprisonment Research Conference 2019 will present key findings from the FAIR Study, alongside a range of expert contributors to the field of families and imprisonment.

Welcome and Introduction

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

FAIR Conference Intro

Professor Friedrich Lösel

Dr Caroline Lanskey

FAIR Conference Lord Farmer Keynote Speech - Lord Michael Farmer

Putting family and significant relationships at the heart of justice and other social policy.

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FAIR Conference Caroline Lanskey Dr Caroline Lanskey and Dr Lucy Markson

What does resilience mean for families who have experienced paternal imprisonment?

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 FAIR Conference Karen Souza Karen Souza

A longitudinal perspective on women’s experiences of their partner’s imprisonment, release and resettlement.

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FAIR Conference Maria Adams Dr Daniel McCarthy and Dr Maria Adams

Prison visitation as Kafkaesque: The experiences of family members navigating penal bureaucracy.

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 FAIR Conference Peter Scharff-Smith Professor Peter Scharff-Smith

Children of imprisoned parents: Prison regimes, contact, and family relationships.

 Dr Susie Hulley

‘I just wanted to be with my family’: The pain of familial dislocation among young lifers.

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 FAIR Conference Nancy Loucks Keynote Speech - Professor Nancy Loucks

‘Not waving but drowning’: Opportunities and challenges in supporting families when someone goes to prison.

 FAIR Conference Shona Minson Dr Shona Minson

Judging mothers: The implications for children of maternal imprisonment.

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 Kirsty Deacon

"Stressful" and "homely": Young people's experiences of inter- and intra-prison family relationships.

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 Sophie Ellis

Families affected by paternal imprisonment in the UK: Ethnic and cultural perspectives.

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