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Institute of Criminology


24 November 2016 - Influences, intellectual interests and working practices: an interview with Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

Speaker: Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

10 November 2016 - Why Do Courts Offer 'A Discount for Bulk Offending'?

Speaker: Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms

27 October 2016 - The Cambridge Crime Harm Index: Theory Into Practice

Speakers: Assistant Chief Constable Philip Kay, Sir Denis O’Connor and Peter Neyroud

26 October 2016 - The Shadow of Colonial Justice

Speakers: Lisa Monchalin (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) & Justice Tankebe (University of Cambridge)

20 October 2016 - From the Savannah to the Magistrates Court: The Roots of Criminal Justice in Evolved Human Psychology

Speaker: Professor Manuel Eisner

13 October 2016 - Out of Africa: The Organisation of Migrant Smuggling across the Mediterranean

Speaker: Dr Paolo Campana

11 October 2016 - The Sentence of the Court: Civil Liberties at Stake
Speaker: Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC

30 June 2016 - Data, Youth, and Violence (a sharing of concerns)

20 June 2016 - Penal Reform and Probation in Europe: Positive Change of Direction, ‘Nudges to the Rudder’ or ‘Steady as She Goes’? 19th Annual Bill McWilliams Memorial Lecture

Speaker: Vivian Geiran 

26 May 2016 - Restorative Justice: Niches in war prevention, crime prevention. 19th Annual Nigel Walker Lecture

Speaker: Professor John Braithwaite

19 May 2016 - The Dock on Trial: courtroom design and the presumption of innocence

Speaker: Dr Meredith Rossner

12 May 2016 - Preliminary Thoughts on the Concept of Morality in Situational Action Theory

Speaker: Professor Alfonso Serrano-Maillo

28 April 2016 - Legal Dissonance: The Interaction of State Criminal Law with Customary Law in Papua New Guinea

Speaker: Dr Shaun Larcom

21 April 2016 - Hate Crime: Hidden Victims, Hidden Harms

Speaker: Professor Neil Chakraborti

10 March 2016 - From Genes to Statistical Power: Thoughts on the Future of Criminological Research
Speaker: Professor J C Barnes

11 February 2016 - Cyberhate on Social Media in the Aftermath of Woolwich: A Case Study in Computational Criminology and Big Data. Cambridge ESRC Doctoral Training Centre Interdisciplinary Seminar

Speaker: Dr Matthew Williams cancelled

18 February 2016 - Exploring the Long Term Effects of ‘Thatcherite’ Social and Economic Policies for Crime

Speaker: Professor Stephen Farrall

25 February 2016 - Understanding the Detention of Foreign Nationals

Speaker: Dr Hindpal Singh Bhui

3 March 2016 - Configurational Criminology: Applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis to the Study of National Levels of Cannabis Use and Corruption

Speaker: Professor Alex Stevens

4 February 2016 - Greening Criminology: From Environmental Crime Prevention to Global Climate Justice

Speaker: Professor Nigel South

28 January 2016 - Differential Deterrability: On the conditional relevance of control

Speaker: Associate Professor Dr Helmut Hirtenlehner

21 January 2016 - Investigating Empathy and Its Proposed Relation to Offending

Speaker: Professor Darrick Jolliffe