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Core Courses

Required courses

Michaelmas Term

Criminological Theories

Course Convenor: Professor Per-Olof Wikström

Criminological Theories introduces you to key explanations of crime, seminal texts and ongoing debates. The course is taught by a range of lecturers who have worked directly with, advanced, or even developed these theories.

Criminological Theories Syndicates

As part of the Criminological Theories course you will also attend Criminological Theories Syndicates. These groups are led by PhD students with experience using these theories in their own research, and provide an opportunity for you to discuss key theories and their application in further detail, helping to situate them in the wider scope of criminology.

Criminological Research Methods

Course Convenor: Dr Maria Ttofi

Criminological Research Methods introduces you to the basics of criminological research, from sampling and measurement of key variables to the most fundamental quantitative and qualitative methods. Seminars are taught by lecturers who have expertise in the given method. The course aims to  familiarize you with key considerations regarding criminological research, and equips you to critically assess research designs.

Research Methods Workshops

In addition to the main seminars, you will also attend a series of workshops which provide you with an opportunity to put each key research method into practice. The aim is to familiarize you with some practical considerations which relate to each method and to give you hands-on experience conducting each method. These workshops are led by researchers with expertise in the given method and will involve practical activities, often in small groups.

Lent Term

All students are required to attend all the dissertation presentations by students in their respective MPhil Programme.

During Lent Term, MPhil students will also attend the Optional Courses.