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Institute of Criminology

EBP Flyer updated

Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge

Presents the

14th Cambridge International Conference on

Evidence-Based Policing

11th to 13th July 2022

Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site CB2 3QZ

(David Attenborough Building)

University of Cambridge

THEME: ‘’Just Right’’ Policing



 Welcome and Introductions

Professor Lawrence Sherman KNO

Director, Police Executive Programme, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge  

Keynote Address

                        Chief Constable Andy Marsh QPM, College of Policing

Keynote Address (live remote delivery)

                        Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, New Zealand Police 



 The New Zealand Evidence-Based Policing Centre

Chair:             Bruce O’Brien MSt (Cantab), Assistant Commissioner, NZ Police

Presenters:      Simon Williams MSt (Cantab), Director, NZ EBP Centre

                        Bruce O’Brien MSt (Cantab), Assistant Commissioner, NZ Police 

Discussant:      Chief Constable Andy Marsh QPM 

Evidence-based Policing in Victoria

Chair:              Commander Alex Murray, Metropolitan Police and SEBP (UK)

Presenter:        David Cowan, President, Australia-New Zealand SEBP                                            

Presentation of the Sir Robert Peel Medal to Professor David Weisburd


Precision Policing Against Violence: Discussion of the Peel Lecture

Chair:                          Professor Peter Neyroud CBE QPM

Chief Constable Andy Marsh QPM, College of Policing

                        Alex Murray, Metropolitan Police

                        Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu QPM, College of Policing   

Procedural Justice and Hot Spots Policing: The 2022 Peel Medal Address

Chair:              Professor Lawrence Sherman

Peel Medalist: Professor David Weisburd

New Findings on the Birmingham Turning Point Experiment

Chair:              Professor Peter Neyroud

Presenters:      Professor Neyroud

                        Professor Lawrence Sherman

                        Detective Superintendent Katie Harber, Metropolitan Police

                        Chief Superintendent Tom Joyce, West Midlands Police

                        Chief Constable (ret) Chris Sims DL, West Midlands Police

3:00 Hot Spots Policing in the UK: Just Right?

Chair:              Simon Rose MSt (Cantab), Cambridge Centre for EBP

Presenters:      Dr. Geoffrey Barnes, Metropolitan Police

                        Professor Matt Bland, Cambridge University

                        Professor Barak Ariel, Cambridge University

Discussant:      Professor Lawrence Sherman


The Australia & New Zealand Police Advisory Agency and Hot Spots Policing in Queensland

                        Dr. Tracey Green, CEO, ANZPAA

Chair:              Sarah Bennett, University of Queensland

Presenters:      Justin Ready, Griffith University

                        Emma Thomson, Queensland Police



Greening and Cooling Hot Spots of Violence: Experiments in Community Partnerships

Chair:               Professor Lawrence Sherman 

Presenter:         Professor John M. MacDonald, University of Pennsylvania           

Transforming Police Responses to Sexual Violence

Chair:               Sarah Bennett, University of Queensland

Presenter:         DSS Kirsten Helton, Queensland Police 

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG): The National Police Chiefs’ Strategy

Chair:               Superintendent Samantha Millar, National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC)

Presenters:      Superintendent Lynne Knox, NPCC

                        Superintendent Samantha Millar, NPCC

                        Katherine Harris, SE Regional Organised Crime Unit

Testing & Tracking Rapid Video Response to Domestic Abuse Victims

Chair:               Dr. Heather Strang, Director, Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology

Presenters:      Graham Hooper, Kent Police

                         Stacey Rothwell, Kent Police

                         Kent McFadzien, Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing

Discussant:      Dr. Heather Strang       

Predicting Police Misconduct: A Case Control Analysis

Chair:              Prof. Matthew Bland, University of Cambridge

Presenters:      Paul Tomlinson, Sussex Police

                        Sara Valdebenito, Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing

Discussants:    Sir Denis O’Connor, Dr. Geoffrey Barnes

The Swedish Crime Harm Index: A Tool for Precision

Chair:              Lawrence Sherman

Presenter:        Mai-Britt Rinaldo Ronnebro, Linnaeus University   

UK’s College of Policing and Evidence-Based Policing

Chair:              Crispian Strachan CBE QPM

Presenter:       Rachel Tuffin, College of Policing

Developing Police Capacity for Research

Chair:              Dr. Paul W. Clarke, Metropolitan Police

Presenters:      Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Metropolitan Police

Roger Pegram, Greater Manchester Police and SEBP

                        Stefan Aegerter, Swiss Police Institute                     

                        Cyril Amberg, Swiss Police Institute

Preventing Cyber-Crime Victimization: A Randomized Trial in Schools

            (the 2020 Sir Richard Mayne Lecture)

Presenter:        Tony Alderman, Australian Federal Police

The Salisbury Poisonings: Policing a ‘’Black Swan’’ Crisis

            (The 2022 Sir Richard Mayne Award Lecture)  




Monday, 11 July, 2022 - 17:00 to Wednesday, 13 July, 2022 - 18:00
Event location: