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Institute of Criminology


Nigel Walker Lecture – Sen and Sensibility:  Women, crime and sentencing



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Event Schedule

5.00pm - Introduction and prize presentation

5.15pm - Lecture

Following the Lecture a drinks reception will take place for those in attendance, places are limited so please register.


Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe  PhD, FRSA, FAcSS, is a former Director of the Institute of Criminology.   She has published 12 books and over 200 articles in criminological journals.   She was recipient of the European Society of Criminology’s Lifetime Achievement Award, 2021 and is the award winner of the British Society of Criminology’s Outstanding Contributions to Criminology Award 2023.


This lecture will explore different dimensions of the sentencing of women who have offended, drawing on evidence of women’s vulnerabilities and ideas about the need for specific sentencing guidelines for women.   But the notion of ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ sentencing guidelines  (or a Persephone model of justice as opposed to a Portia model of justice) raises a number of critical questions in relation to equity.   Drawing on Amartya Sen’s theory of justice  Loraine will explore different ways of achieving justice.

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Thursday, 25 May, 2023 - 17:00
Event location: 
B3/B4, Institute of Criminology