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Institute of Criminology


On Thursday 10 March the Institute hosted a book launch to celebrate the work of Professor Anthony Edward Bottoms and the publication of: Liebling, A., Shapland, J. Sparks, R. & Tankebe, J. (eds.) (2022) Crime Justice and Social Order.  Essays in Honour of A. E. Bottoms.  Clarendon Studies in Criminology.  Oxford University Press

The event was attended by Anthony Bottoms, by the book editors and contributors, and many members of the Institute. A recording of the evenings proceedings can be watched here :

This book was written to honour the extraordinary contribution of Professor Anthony Edward Bottoms to criminology and criminal justice.  Leading criminologists and penal scholars have been asked to contribute original essays on the wide range of areas in which he has written. The book starts by reflecting on the depth and breadth of Anthony’s contribution and his melding of perspectives from moral philosophy, social theory, empirical social science research, and criminal justice.

Some key features are:
• Key and topical reflections on criminal justice and criminology by leading international researchers
• Hear from major theorists on how they see today’s issues relating to crime and justice

The following chapters were written by members of the Institute:

  • Bottoms, A. E. - Criminology and 'Positive Morality'.

  • Gelsthorpe, L. - Keeping a Human Perspective: Some Lessons from Women and Community Justice.
  • Sparks, R. & Lanskey, C. - Reflections on the Life of a British Criminologist.

  • Liebling, A. - Penal Legitimacy, Well-Being and Trust: The Role of Empirical Research in 'Morally Serious' Work.

  • Neyroud, P. - Learning to Experiment: The Police, Science, and Evidence-Based Practice.

  • Tankebe, J. - Rightful Authority: Exploring the Structure of Police Self-Legitimacy.

  • Wikström P-O. - Towards a True Social Ecology of Crime. On the Limitations of a Criminology Without People