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Publications: January - June 2020

Please find below a list of recent publications by members of the Institute of Criminology:

Ruth Armstrong and Amy Ludlow

'What's so good about participation? Politics, ethics and love in Learning Together'.  Methodological Innovations (2020)

Paolo Campana

Human Smuggling: Structure and Mechanisms. Crime and Justice (2020) 49, pp 471- 519

Paolo Campana and F. Varese

Studying organized crime networks: data sources boundaries and the limits of structural measures. Social Networks (2020)

Ben Crewe and Alice Ievins

'Tightness’, recognition and penal powerPunishment & Society Journal

Aimee Neaverson, Aja Louise Murray, Denis Ribeaud, and Manuel Eisner

A Longitudinal Examination of the Role of Self-Control in the Relation between Corporal Punishment Exposure and Adolescent AggressionJournal of Youth and Adolescence (2020) 49, pp1245-1259

Jean-Louis van Gelder, Margit Averdijk, Denis Ribeaud and Manuel Eisner

Sanctions, short-term mindsets, and delinquency: Reverse causality in a sample of high school youth. 

Legal and Criminological Psychology (2020), 25, 2, pp199–218

Aja Louise Murray, Manuel Eisner, and Denis Ribeaud

Within-person analysis of development cascades between externalising and internalising problems

The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (2020), 61, 6, pp681-688

Manuel Eisner Violence and Pandemic reportManuel Eisner and Amy Nivette

Violence and the Pandemic, published by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Amy Nivette, Denis Ribeaud, Aja Louise Murray, Annekatrin Steinhoff, Laura Bechtiger, Urs Hepp, Lilly Shanahan and Manuel Eisner

Non-compliance with COVID-19-related public health measures among young adults: Insights from a longitudinal cohort study.  SocArXiv Papers (2020)

Marieke Liem, Katharina Krüsselmann, and Manuel Eisner

From Murder to Imprisonment: Mapping the Flow of Homicide Cases—A Systematic ReviewHomicide Studies (2020) 23, 3, pp 207-219

Lilly Shanahan, Annekatrin Steinhoff, Laura Bechtiger, Aja L. Murray, Amy Nivette, Urs Hepp, Denis Ribeaud, and Manuel Eisner

Emotional distress in young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence of risk and resilience from a longitudinal cohort studyPsychological Medicine (2020)

Annekatrin Steinhoff, Denis Ribeaud, Stephan Kupferschmid, Nesrin Raible-Destan, Boris B Quednow, Urs Hepp, Manuel Eisner, Lilly Shanahan

Self-injury from early adolescence to early adulthood: age-related.  course, recurrence, and services use in males and females from the community.  European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (2020)

Izabela Zych, David P. Farrington, Vicente J. Llorent, Denis Ribeaud, and Manuel Eisner

Childhood Risk and Protective Factors as Predictors of Adolescent Bullying Roles.  International Journal of Bullying Prevention (2020)

David Farrington

The Integrated Cognitive Antisocial Potential (ICAP) theory: Past, present and futureJournal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology, (2020) 6, 172-187

David Farrington

Homicide in eight countries from 1980 to 2000: The flow from crimes committed to time served in prison.  Homicide Studies, (2020) 24, 268-282

David Farrington

Childhood risk factors for criminal career duration: Comparisons with prevalence, onset, frequency and recidivismCriminal Behaviour and Mental Health, (2020) 30, 159-171.

David Farrington

Interactions between resting heart rate and childhood risk factors in predicting convictions and antisocial personality scores. Crime and Delinquency, (2020) 66, 1369-1391

Book Cover-Evidenced-Based Offender ProfilingBryanna Fox, David Farrington, Andreas Kapardis, and Olivia Hambly

Evidence-Based Offender Profiling. (2020) Abingdon: Routledge

Spaces of Care - BookLoraine Gelsthorpe, Perveez Mody and Brian Sloan (Eds)

Book: Spaces of Care

J. Gunn, P. J. Taylor, A. Forrester, J. Parrott, and Adrian Grounds

Telemedicine in prisons: A Crime in Mind perspective. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health. (2020) 30, 2-3, pp65-67

Adrian Grounds, David P. Farrington, and Anthony Bottoms

Professor Donald West, MD, LittD, FRCPsych; June 9, 1924 – January 31, 2020 (Obituary)Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health (2020) 30, 2-3, pp151-152.

Beth Hardie BookBeth Hardie

Book: Studying Situational Interaction: Explaining behaviour by analysing person-environment convergence

Alice Ievins

‘Perfectly individualized and constantly visible’? Lateral tightness in a prison holding men convicted of sex offences. Incarceration (2020) 1, 1, pp1-18

Ben Jarman

Only one way to swim? The offence and the life course in accounts of adaptation to life imprisonment.  British Journal of Criminology (2020)

Ben Laws

Reimaging ‘the Self’ in Criminology: Transcendence, Unconscious States and the Limits of Narrative Criminology.   Theoretical Criminology (2020)

Peter Neyroud, David B. Wilson, and Lorraine Mazerolle

Campbell Collaboration systematic reviews and the Journal of Experimental Criminology: Reflections on the last 20 years. Journal of Experimental Criminology (2020)

A co-authored report by the Lancet Group Commission (Guy C.M. Skinner)

Institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation of children 1: a systematic and integrative review of evidence regarding effects on developmentThe Lancet, Psychiatry

Guy C.M. Skinner and David P. Farrington

A systematic review and meta-analysis of premature mortality in offendersAggression and Violent Behavior

Guy C.M. Skinner and David P. Farrington

A systematic review and meta-analysis of offending versus suicide in community (non-psychiatric and non-prison) samplesAggression and Violent Behavior

Guy C.M. Skinner, David P. Farrington, and Jonathan P Shepherd

Offender trajectories, health and hospital admissions: relationships and risk factors in the longitudinal Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2020) 52

Izabela Zych, Maria M. Ttofi, Vicente J. Llorent, David P. Farrington, Denis Ribeaud and Manuel Eisner

A Longitudinal Study on Stability and Transitions Among Bullying Roles.

Child Development. (Republished in March/April 2020). 91, 2, pp 527-545

Members of the Institute of Criminology and University associates, former Metropolitan Police Commissioners and UK Chief Constables

How to Count Crime: the Cambridge Harm Index Consensus.  The Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing

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