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Institute of Criminology



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The following chapters in this book were written by members of the Institute:

  • Bottoms, A. E. - Criminology and 'Positive Morality'.

  • Gelsthorpe, L. - Keeping a Human Perspective: Some Lessons from Women and Community Justice.
  • Sparks, R. & Lanskey, C. - Reflections on the Life of a British Criminologist.

  • Liebling, A. - Penal Legitimacy, Well-Being and Trust: The Role of Empirical Research in 'Morally Serious' Work.

  • Neyroud, P. - Learning to Experiment: The Police, Science, and Evidence-Based Practice.

  • Tankebe, J. - Rightful Authority: Exploring the Structure of Police Self-Legitimacy.

  • Wikström P-O. - Towards a True Social Ecology of Crime. On the Limitations of a Criminology Without People.

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