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Dr Lanskey's research interests stem from her cross-disciplinary experience of education and criminology and include youth justice, education and the arts in criminal justice, citizenship and migration, youth voice and participation, the experiences of prisoners' families and research methodologies. After an earlier career in teaching and educational research she joined the institute of Criminology in 2006. Over the past twelve years she has worked on an evaluation of a training intervention for staff in secure settings for young people; an ESRC postdoctoral research fellowship on the education of young people in custody; a study of risk and protective factors associated with the resettlement of imprisoned fathers with their families and an analysis of criminal justice processes through the eyes of families bereaved through homicide. Recent research includes a study of the education pathways of young people in the youth justice system funded by the Society for Educational Studies - Principle Investigator (PI); a European evaluation of restorative prison and probation programmes in Hungary, Germany, Latvia and Bulgaria (co-PI), an evaluation of the Ormiston Families 'Breaking Barriers' programme (PI) and a historical review of safeguarding children in the secure estate (PI). She is currently PI on the Families and Imprisonment Research (FAIR) Study ( and co-PI on a research study of youth justice and rurality. Dr Lanskey teaches and supervises students at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels. 


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Book Reviews

Lanskey, C. (2014), Children in Custody: Anglo-Russian Perspectives by M. McAuley. London: Bloomsbury (2010) 274pp. 50.00hb ISBN 978-1-84-966000-6. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 53: 31317. doi: 10.1111/hojo.12081.

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Research Reports

Jarman, B., Lucy Delap, L., Jackson, L., Lanskey, C., Marshall, H. and Gelsthorpe, L. Safeguarding children in the secure estate: 1960 -2016. Cambridge: Institute of Criminology. Available at:

Lanskey, C (2017) Evaluation of the Ormiston Families' Breaking Barriers Service in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

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Lanskey, C., Drake, D., Harvey, J., Liebling, A. (2008) Training at the Edge. Final report of research evaluation. Cambridge: Institute of Criminology.


Professional Affiliations

  • British Society of Criminology

  • European Society of Criminology

  • Society for Educational Studies

  • Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

University Associate Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Dr. Caroline  Lanskey

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Newnham College