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Institute of Criminology


A Selection of Completed PhD Theses

Bland, Matthew Targeting domestic abuse with statistics – better than people?
Barton-Crosby, Jennifer Situational Action Theory and Intimate Partner Violence: An Exploration of Morality as the Underlying Mechanism in the Explanation of Violent Crime
Cooke, Barbara Bad to the bone? The effects of dog training programs on factors related to desistance
Cope, Aiden Opening new prisons: a comparative study of the translation of political vision into operational reality
Dahal, Aastha Police conflict resolution processes for spousal violence in Nepal: perceptions of victims and perpetrators
Dominey, Jane Relational dimensions of supervision in a changing context of probation providers for offenders
Droppelmann, Catalina Desistance from crime among Chilean juvenile offenders
Gaffney, Hannah What works in Cyber Bullying Intervention and Prevention? Exploring effective intervention/ prevention strategies and neglected risk factors
Hardie, Beth Why don’t all adolescents commit crime all the time? When monitoring matters for situational explanations of crime
Hendy, Ross To understand how routinely unarmed police resolve person-to-person conflict in their day-to-day work
Horgan, Jane Religion, morality and crime
Ievins, Alice The social experiences of sex offenders in prison: a comparative analysis
Jerath, Kritika Police use of force in UK: A situational action analysis
Larmour, Simon Evaluating moralities for variant types of psychopathy conceptualised by the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personalities (CAPP)
Laws, Ben Emotion management and emotional expression in prisons
Leeney, David From public participation in neighbourhood policing to testing the limits of social media as a tool to increase the flow of community intelligence
Maitra, Dev Faith, race, gangs and ‘the street’ in prison: an inductive analysis
Mitchell, Renee The deterrent effects of police patrol in high-crime hot spots: a randomized controlled trial or Dosage: the missing denominator
Mullett, Margaret Conducting a randomised experiment in eight English prisons: a participant observation study of testing the Sycamore Tree Programme
Muscat, Matthew An examination of financial regulatory enforcement proceedings in Malta in terms of legitimacy theory
Neaverson, Aimee Exploring the cycle of violence: resiliency and protective factors in relation to sexual re-victimization
Neyroud, Peter Putting the police on trial: the management of police field experiments as a process of organizational change: a case study of a randomized controlled trial in pre-prosecution offender management
Parsons, Angelina Managerial influences on police decision-making
Pfeil, Katrin Investigating the effectiveness of the self-administered interview for older witnesses
Reinke-Schreiber, Pascale Police investigative interviews with victims of human trafficking in England and Wales: theory and practice
Reising, Kim Crime and Health: Long-term bidirectional and intergenerational effects between mental and physical health issues and offending behaviour
Sanchez de Ribera, Olga Prevalence of neuropsychological dysfunction among different typologies of sex offenders
Schmidt, Bethany Democratic councils in prisons
Schmidt, William Wrongful Convictions
Shenderovich, Yulia Process evaluation of an evidence-informed parenting support programme in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Szifris, Kirstine Exploring the impact of engaging prisoners in philosophical education
Theodorakis, Nikolaos Efficiency of crime prevention policies for incidents of corporate crime throughout Europe and the US: is contemporary law and policy the sword needed to solve the Gordion knot?
Trajtenberg, Nicolas The idea of causality and explanation in criminological theory
Trivedi-Bateman, Neema The role of moral emotions in decision-making in crime causation
Valdebenito, Sara School punishment and antisocial behaviour: explanations, effects and prevention
Vibla, Natalia Sentencing for multiple offences: towards a conceptual model within a retributive framework
Weinborn, Cristobal Analysis of crime patterns in time and space
Wigzell, Alexandra An ethnography of the young person: worker–supervisor relationship and the role of such relationships in desistance