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Institute of Criminology

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If you wish to be considered for funding you must submit your application by 7 January 2021 (or 14 October 2020 if you are a USA citizen resident in the USA and wish to be considered for Gates funding)

Full details on course fees can be found at the Graduate Admissions website.

When considering applying for a course consider the living costs as well as the course fees required during your time here. The finance overview will help you calculate your costs.

There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trusts, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Research Councils and central University funds. Eligibility for the funds can be based on what course you are studying, your country of origin, or other criteria.

The Graduate Admissions Website has detailed information about these funding opportunities. This includes information about eligibility, how to apply and application deadlines.

There is also a funding search tool which will help you identify possibly funding opportunities.

You are also advised to do your own research on other funding sources, including the Colleges. Competition for funding is high so we strongly advise that you apply for as many funding opportunities as possible, to maximise the chance of success.

On our funding page we have highlighted some funding opportunities where our students have achieved success in previous years.