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Cecilia Meneghini is a Research Associate working on the i-Gov project, which aims to identify and explore instances of illegal governance in local communities across the United Kingdom. Cecilia holds a Master’s Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University (Milan) and a PhD in Criminology from the Catholic University in Milan awarded in 2021. In her doctoral dissertation, she focused on the co-offending behaviour of organised crime offenders to analyse how the tendency to cooperate in crime evolves over the individual life-course and impacts the offending trajectory.

Cecilia’s research interests include organised crime and criminal networks, life-course criminology, and the analysis of illicit markets and transnational illicit flows. Before joining the Institute of Criminology, she worked as a researcher at Transcrime, the joint research centre on transnational crime of the Catholic University in Milan, where she collaborated on different international projects on the topics of organised crime and transnational trafficking.


Key publications: 

Meneghini, C., Campedelli, G. M., Calderoni, F., and Comunale, T. (Forthcoming 2021). Criminal careers prior to recruitment into Italian organized crime. Crime & Delinquency.

Meneghini, C. (Forthcoming 2021). Structure and Evolution of Drug Trafficking Networks in North Africa: The Impact of Rule of Law and Corruption. In E. U. Savona, R. T. Guerette, A. Aziani (Eds.), The Evolution of Illicit Flows - Displacement and Convergence among Transnational Crime. Springer.

Campedelli, G. M., Calderoni, F., Comunale, T.,  and Meneghini, C. (2021). Life-course criminal trajectories of mafia members. Crime & Delinquency67(1), 111–141.

Meneghini, C., Aziani, A., and Dugato, M. (2020). Modeling the structure and dynamics of transnational illicit networks: an application to cigarette trafficking. Applied Network Science, 5(1), 1–27.

Aziani, A., Dugato, M., and Meneghini, C. (2020). A methodology for estimating the illicit consumption of cigarettes at country level. Global Crime21(2), 154–184.

Savona, E. U., Calderoni, F., Campedelli, G. M.,  Comunale, T.,  Ferrarini, M., and Meneghini, C. (2020). The Criminal Careers of Italian Mafia Members. In D. Weisburd, E. U. Savona, B. Hasisi, F. Calderoni (Eds.), Understanding Recruitment to Organized Crime and Terrorism (pp. 241-268). Springer.

Research Associate
The i-Gov Project: Illegal Governance of Markets and Communities

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