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Leaving Prisons in Faith; four people of faith prepare to leave prison and hope to rebuild their lives in the community.

last modified Sep 11, 2018 03:17 PM

In this trilogy of films about four people 'Leaving Prison in Faith' we meet four people of faith preparing to leave prison and hoping to rebuild their lives in the community. In the first film - Hopes - Dr Ruth Armstrong takes us into HMPYOI's Feltham and Styal to meet a Christian man and woman and a Muslim man and woman to understand their hopes for life after their imminent release from prison. In the second film - Connections - we look at the work of Chaplaincy teams connecting with people in faith communities outside of work and the extent to which the protagonist have been able to build support networks while inside. In the final film - Community - we return to find out what has happened to each person since they have been released. The films are designed to highlight themes in research about routes out of crime, and to practically support prisons and faith communities think about how to work together more effectively to support people leaving prison. They will be used by The Welcome Directory as they provide training to faith communities hoping to get involved in this work.
Watch Film 1: Hope, Film 2: Connections Film 3: Community