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Institute of Criminology


‘Two years on from the death of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt, our thoughts are with their families, with their friends, and with all those Cambridge colleagues who endured the horror of the day’s tragic events. Today our University community joins in remembrance of two bright young people whose legacy must continue to push us all to strive for a world that is more humane and just’.

Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

‘This is a day to hold all those impacted by the tragic deaths of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt in mind, especially their families and friends,  present and past,  and far and near students and staff of the Institute of Criminology.   It is also a time to remember, with gratitude, Jack and Saskia, and their creative and positive contributions to criminal justice.

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Director, Institute of Criminology