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12th Annual Evidence-Based Policing Conference 2019

Conference Programme

EBP 2019 Knife Crime 

Knife Crime and Digital Approaches to Stop & Search

Chair: Professor Lawrence Sherman

John Massey, Metropolitan Police Service
          Targeting Stabbings and Knife Murders in London
Suzanne Hopper, Metropolitan Police Service
          Tracking Stop & Search Outcomes in London
Lee Bowen, City of London Police
          Targeting Hot Spots and Harm Spots for City of London Patrols
Discussant: Simon Rose, Metropolitan Police Service


EBP 2019 Digitizing Harm

Digitizing Harm in Police Targeting

Chair: Dr. Peter Neyroud CBE QPM, University of Cambridge

William White, Avon & Somerset
          Targeting Victim Harm in Avon & Somerset
Andy Bell, Dorset Police
          Tracking High-Harm Crimes Against Repeat Victims
Jamie Daniels, Greater Manchester Police
          Targeting High Harm From Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) of Females


EBP 2019 Deterring Offenders

Deterring Offenders with Digital Messaging: Two Field Tests

Chair: Dr. Barak Ariel

David Cestaro, Bedfordshire Police
          Deterrent Threats Sent By Covert Sources in Criminal Networks
Robert Goddard, Lancashire Police
          Nudging Organised Crime Through Social Media: An RCT


 EBP 2019 College of Policing

 Evidence-Based Policing at the College of Policing

Chair: Crispian Strachan CBE QPM, Chief Constable Northumbria (ret) & Cambridge Police Executive Programme
Speaker: Rachel Tuffin O.B.E.
Director of Knowledge & Innovation, College of Policing


 EBP 2019 Diversion from Prosecution

Digital Approaches to Diversion from Prosecution

Chair: John D. Parkinson OBE Chief Constable, West Yorkshire (ret) & Cambridge Police Executive Programme

David Cowan, Victorian Police
          Tracking the Fall of Diversion from Prosecution in Victoria
Jamie Spence, West Midlands Police
          An Out-of-court Intervention Model Using Bespoke Conditional Cautions


EBP 2019 Digital Advances

 Digital Advances in Policing for Victims

Chair: Dr. Heather Strang

William Jenkins, Humberside Police
          Compliance with Victim Updating Requirements: An RCT
Chloe Catney, West Yorkshire Police
          Tracking Missing Persons
Zoe McKee, Police Service of Northern Ireland
          Testing Training for Rape Investigators: An RCT


EBP 2019 Awards Ceremony

 Awards Ceremony: Cambridge Police Executive Programme 2019

Chair: Dr. Heather Strang, Director, Cambridge Police Executive Programme
Valedictory Speaker: Sir Denis O’Connor