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Institute of Criminology


In March, Professor Ben CreweDr Susie Hulley, and Dr Serena Wright (Royal Holloway, University of London) began work on their new research project,

Long-term imprisonment from young adulthood II: a longitudinal follow-up’.

Funded by the ESRC, and lasting for 30 months, the research will involve re-interviewing as many as possible of the 147 participants from their earlier study (i.e. men and women sentenced when 25 or under to life sentences with tariffs of fifteen years or more) around seven years after their initial interview. In enabling the research team to find out how participants’ lives have changed since that time – including almost 30 who have been released into the community on licence – the study promises to enhance the understanding of the impact and experience of very long sentences.

Information about the new study can be found on their new Twitter account @LifeImprisonmnt.