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Institute of Criminology


The members of the selection committee for the annual Nigel Walker Prize, for distinctive scholarly contribution to the field of Criminology, have awarded this year’s prize to Dr Beth Hardie.  

This is a prize (organised by the Resources and Planning Committee of the Institute) awarded on an annual basis to a PhD student who has completed their PhD in the previous three years.

The Institute extend their congratulations to Beth, whose PhD was entitled, ‘Why monitoring doesn’t always matter: the role of parental monitoring in adolescent crime’.  As part of her PhD Beth developed an integrative framework that distinguishes between parental influences on adolescents’ development and situational influences.

Beth has also recently had a book published, Studying Situational Interaction: Explaining behaviour by analysing person-environment convergence (Springer)

The book chapters abstracts are also available to read here:

Chapter 1: Why and how criminology must integrate individuals and environments

Chapter 2: Integrating individuals and environments: A Situational approach to studying action

Chapter 3: Evidencing situational interaction without situation-level exposure data

Chapter 4: Collecting and analysing situation-level exposure data: Clarifying appropriate analysis of the convergence of people in environments to explain action