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Institute of Criminology


On 11 October 2019 the Institute hosted it's annual Criminology Day, to showcase the research going on in the Institute to current members, new students and other members of the University interested in the work of the Institute.


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The day's schedule:

Panel 1 - Communities, Crime and Justice

Paolo Campana - Illegal Governance of Markets and Communities

Beth Hardie (Peterborough study) - Beyond neighbourhoods: A more accurate way to assess the role of community context in crime

Loraine Gelsthorpe/Caroline Lanskey - Community justice responses to women and children in conflict with the law

Chair/Discussant: Justice Tankebe

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Panel 2 - Understanding and Preventing Violence

Alison Liebling – The Prison Homicide Spike: Exploring Explanations, and Links with Suicide.

Manuel Eisner - Creating More Peaceful Societies - Global Strategies to Reduce Interpersonal Violence by 50% in 2040

Larry Sherman - Predicting & Preventing Knife Murders

Chair/Discussant: Ben Crewe

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These Panels were followed by a Yoga session, and a Mural presentation to Rebecca Greene.  Rebecca founded Drawing Connections…at the edges to bring the rehabilitative nature of creativity to people in prison environments.  The basement courtyard mural, in which a wide range of students, staff, and visitor participated, was inspired by some Drawing Connections work during a Residency at HMP Whitemoor, summer 2018: