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Publications: July - December 2020

Please find below a list of publications by members of the Institute of Criminology:

Ruth Armstrong, Amy Ludlow, Ingrid Obsuth and Simon Larmour ‘The learning happens in the interaction’: exploring the ‘magic’ of the interpersonal in Learning TogetherPrison Service Journal (2020)
Matthew Bland Algorithms can predict domestic abuse, but should we let them?  Published in Policing in the Era of AI and Smart Societies.  (2020) pp139-155
Matthew Bland and Barak Aerial

Book: Targeting Domestic Abuse with Police Data. (2020) 

Bland and Ariel Book Tarageting Domestic Abuse with Police Data

I. Gollini, A. Caimo and Paolo Campana Modelling interactions among offenders: A latent space approach for interdependent ego-networksSocial Networks (2020) 63, pp 134-149
Ben Crewe The depth of imprisonment’. Punishment & Society (2020)
Paolo Campana and Loraine Gelsthorpe

"Choosing a Smuggler: Decision-making Among Migrants Smuggled to Europe".   European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research (2020)

Jane Dominey and Loraine Gelsthorpe

Resettlement and the Case for Women. The Probation Journal (2020) 

Ana Paula Loch, Roberta Corradi Astolfi, Maria Alvim Leite, Cassio Henrique Gomide Papa, Marcelo Ryngelblum, Manuel Eisner et als

Victims, bullies and bully–victims: prevalence and association with negative health outcomes from a cross-sectional study in São Paulo, Brazil. International Journal of Public Health (2020)

Alison Liebling; Berit Johnsen; Bethany E Schmidt, et als

Where two ‘exceptional’ prison cultures meet: Negotiating order in a transnational prison. The British Journal of Criminology (2020)

Alison Liebling, Ryan Williams, and Elinor Lieber

More Mind Games: How ‘The Action’ and ‘The Odds’ have Changed in Prison.  The British Journal of Criminology (2020)

Adam Ramiz, Paul Rock and Heather Strang

Detecting Modern Slavery on Cannabis Farms: The Challenges of Evidence. Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing (2020)

Anina Schwarzenbach, Justice Tankebe and Dietrich Oberwittler

In Their Own Hands: Young People and Self-Justice Retaliation in Germany. Crime & Delinquency (2020)



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