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Recordings of many of the Institute's events are available to watch and listen to using the links below. This includes our occasional webinars, our weekly public seminars, annual special lectures and other events hosted by the Institute.


24 July 2020

Webinar: Dexter Dias QC: The Killing of George Floyd: "Race", racism and racialised justice in the US and UK

Webinar - Dexter Dias

The webinar was recorded as follows:

19 June 2020

Webinar: Professor Monica Bell: Legal Estrangement, Policing, and the Problem of Segregation in America

Associate Professor of Law & Sociology, Yale Law School

Webinar 19 June 2020 - Monica Bell sml

  • Please download slides from:

  • You will find the podcast (audio) at:


5 June 2020

Webinar: Professor Lawrence Sherman: Targeting American Policing: Rogue Cope or Rogue Culture?

webinar poster 5 June 2020

A video recording of the webinar is available here. (The session starts at 20.47 mins in.)

No slides were used, however, you can find the podcast (audio) at:


27 February 2020

Professor Nicola Padfield

Professor Nicola Padfield and Dr Thomas Guiney: Parole Changes and Challenges

View Professor Padfield's slides.

View Dr Guiney's slides.

19 February 2020

'Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood' Book Launch Author Q&A Panel

Book Launch: 'Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood'. Q&A with the Authors Professor Ben Crewe, Dr Susie Hulley and Dr Serena Wright

13 February 2020

Professor David Mahoney

Professor David O'Mahony: Restorative Justice

View the slides.

30 January 2020

Dr Jake Phillips

Dr Jake Phillips: Responsive regulation of probation: how does it work and what does it achieve?

23 January 2020

Noemi Pereda

Professor Noemi Pereda: Child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: The case of Spain

View the slides.


21 November 2019

Barak Ariel

Dr Barak Ariel: Policing Hot Spots in London

See the slides.

 14 November 2019

Professor John MacDonald

Professor John MacDonald: Changing Places.  How the science of urban planning can make our cities healthier, safer, and more liveable. 

See the slides.

7 November 2019

Manuel Eisner

Professor Manuel Eisner, Dr Paolo Campana and Dr Justice Tankebe: The Past, the Present and Future of Violence Research

31 October 2019

Caroline Lanskey and Ben Jarman

Dr Caroline Lanskey and Ben Jarman: A Poor Prospect Indeed: The State’s Disavowal of Child Abuse Victims in Youth Custody.

 24 October 2019

 Professor Stephen Farrall

Professor Stephen Farrall: Exploring the Impact of Thatcherism on Criminal Careers

17 October 2019

In conversation with Caroline Lanskey

In Conversation.... with Dr Caroline Lanskey



Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms Valedictory Lecture


 12th Annual Evidence-Based Policing Conference 2019

 FAIR Conference 2019

Dr Claudia García-Moreno

22nd Annual Nigel Walker Lecture with Dr Claudia García-Moreno

View the slides


Right to Die Panel

'The Right to Die?' A Panel Discussion on Assisted Dying


 Professor Michele Burman

Justice Journeys: experiences of the criminal justice process for victim-survivors of rape

Dr Ben Laws 

Emotions in Prison: using metaphor to explore feelings, order and control

View the slides


Professor Mike Hough

Failing to integrate migrant teenagers: lessons from the International Self-Report Delinquency Study

View the slides


What Police Wear and Why It Matters: Tasers, Cameras, Uniforms and Experimental Criminology 

Audio only.

View the slides


Peter Neyroud Seminar 

Punishment Without Trial:  Research And Policy In Out-Of-Court Disposals By Police

View the slides


 Prof Sherman and Dr Strang - The CARA Experiment 

How Hampshire Police Reduced Domestic Abuse: The CARA Experiment

 View the Slides


Professor Sherman Crime Harm Index 

The Cambridge Crime Harm Index: A Global Progress Report

Slides of the talk from Professor Sherman and Dr Peter Neyroud


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