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Institute of Criminology


Professor Alec Buchanan (Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University) will be presenting this guest seminar.


Since the 1970s, researchers on both sides of the Atlantic have used populations surveys to describe the relationships between mental disorders, on the one hand, and violence or trouble with the law, on the other. While the findings have been relatively consistent, the data have not led to significant progress in understanding the mechanisms by which violence and legal trouble occur in mental disorder. The lecture will describe recent research investigating what role impaired psychosocial function plays in these mechanisms, and whether that role varies according to the type of mental disorder from which someone suffers.

This will be a hybrid event.

To attend online, please register here:

[To attend in person: Due to the limited numbers only members of the Institute can sign up to attend in person.]


Tuesday, 15 March, 2022 - 13:00