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Institute of Criminology

Seminar Flyer Forensic Conversations and Discourse

Forensic Psychology and…Discourse

Tuesday 6 July, 6.30pm

Speaker: Kathryn Fox, University of Vermont

Discussant: Peter Kinderman, University of Liverpool

How do forensic psychologists talk about people subject to their practices? What kind of ideas and identities do those words evoke? And what are their implications for how psychologists address crime? Kathryn Fox, Professor of Sociology discusses her work on the rhetorical discourses present in intervention programmes, how people completing programmes respond to the ways they are discursively depicted, and the implications of psychological discourse in the criminal justice system. Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology, who has written extensively on depictions of mental health, offers a response.

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Tuesday, 6 July, 2021 - 18:30