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Research Topics in Criminology

The Institute is highly productive in terms of its academic research. It hosts six active research centres: the Jerry Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology, the Centre for Analytical Criminology (Peterborough adolescent & Young Adult Study), the Centre for Penal Theory and Ethics, the Prisons Research Centre, the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice, and the Violence Research Centre.

In addition to pursuing research projects and other activities through the research centres, academic staff all have their own subject specialities and research interests. These combine to bring teaching to life and to keep the Institute of Criminology at the forefront of research and involved in world-level debates.  Research topics include the development of criminal careers, the early development of problematic behaviour, the impact of bullying,  legitimacy in criminal justice processing of offenders and victims, sentencing , intermediate sanctions, mentally disordered offenders, human trafficking and smuggling, the psychological effects of wrongful imprisonment, the impact of imprisonment on families, race and gender issues in criminal justice, the reintegration of ex-prisoners, youth justice systems, suicide in prisons, suicide under supervision, pathways out of crime (including desistance), legal decision making, the effects of social and urban change on crime, and learning and teaching with offenders. Full details can be found on individual Academic staff pages.

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Book Launch: 'Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood: Adaptation, Identity and Time'

Feb 25, 2020

Following the recent publication of their new book, 'Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood: Adaptation, Identity and Time', Professor Ben Crewe, Dr Susie Hulley, and Dr Serena Wright recently took part in a Q&A Session hosted by Professor Alison Liebling from the Prison Research Centre.

Professor Donald J. West

Feb 04, 2020

The Institute is very sad to report the death of Professor Donald West, MD, LittD, FRCPsych, who died 31st January, 2020, age 95. Professor West spent most of his academic career at the Institute of Criminology although he originally trained as a psychiatrist. His work covered Clinical Criminology, Parapsychology, and Psychology. The famous Cambridge longitudinal Delinquency Study was originally directed by Donald West, with Professor David Farrington becoming the Director of the study in 1969.

BBC report on research that police patrols at Underground stations in London helps reduce crime

Jan 17, 2020

Research presented in a paper co-authored by Dr Barak Ariel (Institute of Criminology), Professor Lawrence Sherman (Institute of Criminology), and Mark Newton suggests that four 15-minute patrols per day at crime hot spots on the London Underground created a "phantom effect" lowering crime throughout the day.