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Institute of Criminology



Guy studied Natural Sciences at Durham University. He then moved to Cambridge University in 2016 to take an MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology funded by a Newton Scholarship under Professor Michael Lamb, and for which he was awarded a High Distinction and a Santander Masters Award. His research into sexual abuse and trials in Scottish Courts resulted in two publications. His work was also presented at the Psychology-Law Society Annual Conference (2018) and the American Psychological Society Conference (2017).

Guy then was appointed as a Research Assistant at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health under Dr Robbie Duschinsky. He conducted research within the Applied Social Science Research Group, investigating parenting interventions and their use in mediating early child development in varying contexts. Simultaneously, Guy was Visiting Researcher within the Violence Research Centre, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge.


Awarded an ESRC Interdisciplinary Scholarship in 2018, Guy started his PhD at the Institute of Criminology investigating associations between offending and physical health under the supervision of Dr Maria Ttofi and Professor David Farrington.

Guy recently undertook an ESRC funded Research Analyst position within the Science, Research and Evidence Directorate at the Department for Health and Social Care. This role involved working closely with the Chief Scientific Advisor, Head of the NIHR, the Academy of Medical Sciences and senior colleagues in major research funding organisations, aiming to drive an improvement in the public health research landscape across the UK.

He will commence a Cambridge Grand Challenges Fellowship in conjunction with Heathrow Airport in September 2019 and, in conjunction with his PhD, continue to work with Dr Duschinsky, and Professors Marinus van IJzendoorn and Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg in the field of child attachment research and as a member of the St John’s Reading Group on Health Inequalities.


Key publications: 
 Guy  Skinner