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Sergio Triana Triana Enemocon

Sergio Triana Triana Enemocon

Ph.D Student


Sergio Triana is currently a Doctoral candidate at the Institute of Criminology (University of Cambridge, Law Faculty), holds a Mid-career Master of Public Affairs (SciencesPo, Paris), a Master of Public Administration (Columbia University, SIPA) and a Political Sciences bachelor degree (Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia). He has been lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies and syndicate group leader at the Institute of Criminology. His research is focus on the analysis of the ex-combatants (Illegal Armed Groups -IAG) violence and criminality in the Colombian internal conflict framework and has been part of 8th publications.

S. Triana has been a practitioner and researcher in peace & conflict, security and Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) in different region as Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Therefore, he has leaded technical cooperation, teaching and consultancy projects in the following countries: (i) Myanmar, (ii) Cambodia (iii) Turkey, (iv) the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), (v) Indonesia, (vi) Timor-Lest and (vii) Colombia.

Among his international affairs experience, S. Triana has worked for (i) the Interamerican Development Bank (IADB) in the Vice-presidency of Sector (VPS) and the Institution for Development sector (IfD) in topics as modernization of the State, welfare policy and security in the LAC (Junior advisor) and (ii) the United Nations. In the public sector he worked in the Presidency of Republic of Colombia at the Colombian Agency for Reintegration (advisor/area coordinator).

Furthermore, he was part of the following publications and articles: i. "Different paths to Peace Building. A comparative analysis of DDR programs in Colombia and the Province of Aceh, Indonesia" (2015), ii. "Global DDR Summit South-South Cooperation analysis, 2013" (ACR – IOM & USAID, 2014), iii. "3rd Forum of Social Responsibility: Transitional Justice and Reconciliation" (ACR and Nogal Foundation, 2014), iv. "The Modernization of the State in Latin America and the Caribbean and the role of the Development Banks –Spanish-" (IDB &WB, 2011), v. "Asociaciones Público Privadas para la Prestación de Servicios. Una visión hacia el futuro." (IDB, 2011), vi. "Strategy for Institutions for Growth and Social Welfare" (IDB, 2011), vii. "Counter drug trafficking policy: Policy shift by thinking in the country producers" (, 2009), viii. "Strategy for the protection of vulnerable populations" (Columbia University, 2009), and ix. "Operational Youth Development Action Plan -Colombia, Ecuador & Perú-" (IDB, 2007).