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Institute of Criminology



Miriam completed her BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology in 2015, followed by an MPhil in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies (Distinction) in 2016, both at the University of Cambridge. She has also worked in local government, both in transformation and in community safety.

Miriam began her PhD in October 2018, and is supervised by Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe.



Miriam’s ESRC-funded PhD research concerns initial police actions in response to domestic abuse, and their relation to criminal justice outcomes. It primarily investigates the gap between the ‘positive action’ policing policy and what happens in practice. In addition, her research investigates the extent to which police taking ’positive action’ leads to ‘positive outcomes’, necessitating a critical evaluation of these terms, which are both defined variously and vaguely (if at all) within the policy literature. As well as exploring how the police understand and enact ‘positive action’ and ‘positive outcomes’, Miriam is interested in exploring what the terms ‘positive action’ and ‘positive outcomes’ mean to victims of domestic abuse, and how understanding victims’ perspectives might help to broaden the evaluative criteria of police success to include victims’ justice goals.

 Miriam  Shovel