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Institute of Criminology


PhD title: Caring Encounters: exploring constructive social relationships among male and female prisoners

Research Assistant (PRC)


Elinor started her PhD in October 2018, and is being supervised by Professor Alison Liebling. She completed her MPhil in Criminological Research at the Institute (distinction), and her undergraduate degree in Criminology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University, Israel (summa cum laude). During 2017-19, Elinor worked as a research assistant on an NHS and HMPPS funded Evaluation of Shared Reading in PIPEs, alongside Professor Alison Liebling, Dr Katherine Auty and Judith Gardom. 



Elinor’s PhD, which builds on her MPhil research, will explore forms of care among prisoners. Existing sociology of imprisonment literature have tended to emphasise the most desolate features of prison social life such as aggression, exploitation, and stark displays of machismo and individualism. Elinor’s study seeks to complicate these narratives by uncovering the mundane dynamics of support, kindness, intimacy and friendship that sits beneath the official world of prison, and are often absent in academic accounts. Her research will employ a mixed-methods approach involving interviews, observations, and social network analysis. 

 Elinor  Lieber

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