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Dr Julie Laursen

Dr Julie Laursen

Research Assistant

Room: 2.13a
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 335382


Dr Julie Laursen joined the Institute of Criminology and the PRC at the University of Cambridge in June 2016. She holds a Research Associate post in the ERC-funded project “Penal Policymaking and the Prisoner Experience: A Comparative Analysis” led by Dr Ben Crewe. She was awarded a Master’s degree in Educational Anthropology (2012) and a Doctoral degree in Criminology (2016) with a specialisation in prisons research. Julie’s research has been conducted in Denmark, Norway and the UK using qualitative methods mainly ethnographic fieldwork and interviews to explore issues such as comparative penology, violence, pains of imprisonment and cultures in prison. As a postdoctoral Research Associate, she is primarily engaged in research, but also in supervising, teaching and developing practices at the intersections of anthropology, criminology and sociology of prisons in the Institute of Criminology more broadly and in the PRC.

Julie has been a member of several MQPL+ research teams, and she has extensive experience with international collaboration and conference presentations. She has done peer-reviews for Punishment & Society, AREA, Asian Journal of Criminology, Palgrave and Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology & Crime Prevention.

Key Publications

  • Laursen, J & Henriksen, AK (2018): “Altering violent repertoires: perspectives on violence in the prison-based cognitive-behavioural program Anger Management”. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.
  • Laursen, J & Laws, B (2017) ‘Honour and Respect in Danish Prisons – Contesting “Cognitive Distortions” in Cognitive-Behavioural Programmes’. Punishment & Society 19 (1): 74-95.
  • Laursen, J (2017) (No) Laughing Allowed - Humour and the Limits of Soft Power in Prison. British Journal of Criminology 57 (6): 1340–1358.  
  • Laursen, J. (2016) ’We don’t want you to think criminal thoughts.’ A sociological exploration of prison-based cognitive behavioual programmes in Denmark’. Ph.d.-thesis, Aalborg University.
  • A. Prieur, S. Qvotrup Jensen, J. Laursen & O. Pedersen (2016): ’Social Skills’: Following a Travelling Concept from American Academic Discourse to Contemporary Danish Welfare Institutions. MinervaA Review of Science, Learning and Policy 54 (4): 423-443. 

Danish publications:

  • Laursen, J & Brinkgaard, L (2017) ”’Vi er ikke ude i, at I tænker kriminelle tanker’: Kognitive Færdighedsprogrammer i Kriminalforsorgen”. I: KRIM - 50 års kriminalpolitik - resultater og visioner. Fjerritslev: Forlag 1.
  • O. Pedersen, Prieur, A & J. Laursen (2017) ”Det skulle være så evident … Om brug af manualbaserede adfærdsprogrammer til børn og unge i danske institutioner”. Social Kritik 29, nr. 150, s. 34-50.
  • 2016       Pedersen, O & Laursen, J (2016) ”’Stop – ro på – tænk!’ Normativitet og selvkontrol i statens arbejde med børn og indsatte. Dansk Sociologi 3-4.
  • 2015       Laursen, J (2015) ‘”Man begynder jo ikke at smadre en købmand”: Perspektiver på vold i vredeskontrolprogrammet ”Anger Management”’. Tidsskriftet Antropologi, 71: 69-91.