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Institute of Criminology

Dr Barak  Ariel
Professor of Experimental Criminology
Dr. Geoffrey  Barnes
Affiliated Lecturer in Evidence-Based Policing
Dr Matthew  Bland
Associate Professor in Evidence Based Policing
Dr. Paolo  Campana
University Associate Professor in Criminology and Complex Networks
Associate Professor in Criminal Justice Management
Professor Ben  Crewe
Professor of Penology and Criminal Justice and Deputy Director of the Prisons Research Centre.
Professor Manuel  Eisner
Wolfson Professor of Criminology
Director of Violence Research Centre
Professor Loraine   Gelsthorpe
Director of the Institute, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.
Director of the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice (based in the Institute).
Director of the Cambridge ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership (within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences).
Chair of the Advisory Committee, Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement
Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement (a multi-disciplinary university centre, hosted by the Institute of Criminology). [2017 - October 2020]
Fellow of Pembroke College.
Dr. Caroline  Lanskey
University Assistant Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Professor Alison Liebling
Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Director of the Prisons Research Centre
Associate Professor in Evidence-Based Policing
Sir Denis  O'Connor
2012 Radzinowicz Fellow, Institute of Criminology
Dr Bethany  Schmidt
Assistant Professor in Penology
Penal/institutional legitimacy and power/political structures; institutional life and prison social climates; citizenship, democracy, and (dis)enfranchisement; penal and social policy; reform processes; global South; organisational/cultural change; voice
Professor Lawrence  Sherman
Director, Cambridge Police Executive Programme
Director of Research, Jerry Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology
Dr Heather  Strang
Director, Jerry Lee Centre of Experimental Criminology
Director of Studies, Cambridge Police Executive Programme
Associate Professor
Dr.  Kyle  Treiber
University Lecturer in Neurocriminology
Director of the Institute of Criminology's M.Phil. Programme
NC School of Science & Mathematics, 1997
BS (Neuroscience + Technical Writing), University of NC at Chapel Hill, 2001
M.Phil. (Criminology), University of Cambridge, 2003
Ph.D. (Criminology), University of Cambridge, 2008
Dr. Maria M. Ttofi
University Associate Professor in Psychological Criminology
BA 2000, BA 2005, MPhil 2006, PhD 2009
Professor Per-Olof  Wikström
Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology
Director of the Centre for Analytic Criminology
Fellow of Girton College
Dr. Lucy  Willmott
Teaching Associate