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Welcome  to this Alumni page which we hope will be of particular interest to anyone who has completed the Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Certificate/ MSt In Applied Criminology and Police Management or Police Studies.

 We would like to use this page to help you maintain your links with us as well as update you on what is happening.

 We will post any items you are happy to provide for public circulation such as job changes/publications/Alumni Events.

 The Institute of Criminology has updated all of it processes in line with the new data protection laws. This means that the Department will no longer hold any personal details for you after graduation. If you would like the University to add you to its Alumni lists, please use the following link to update your details and opt in:

For details on how Cambridge University uses any personal details, go to


News Items

PSNI Deputy Chief Drew Harris appointed as Garda Commissioner -

Norfolk Deputy Chief Constable appointed new Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police -


American Criminologists release video interview on Professor Lawrence Sherman's career in policing research -


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BBC report on research that police patrols at Underground stations in London helps reduce crime

Jan 17, 2020

Research presented in a paper co-authored by Dr Barak Ariel (Institute of Criminology), Professor Lawrence Sherman (Institute of Criminology), and Mark Newton suggests that four 15-minute patrols per day at crime hot spots on the London Underground created a "phantom effect" lowering crime throughout the day.

The Reducing Crime podcast - Lawrence Sherman talks with Jerry Ratcliffe

Nov 19, 2019

Lawrence Sherman and Jerry Ratcliffe discuss the right questions to ask about algorithms in policing.