Prisons Research Centre

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The Prisons Research Centre was founded in 2000, under the Directorship of Professor Alison Liebling. The Centre has received funding from a wide range of sources, including the Prison Service/NOMS, the Nuffield Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, the ESRC, KPMG, the Home Office and UKDS (now Kalyx).

View From a Prison Cell

The Centre aims to provide a stimulating research environment in which a coherent strategy of research and integration between funded and non-funded, and between applied and theoretical projects, can be facilitated. We are striving to consolidate and enhance the Cambridge Institute of Criminology's strengths in prison research, and its capacity to collaborate with others. Since its inception, the Centre has generated funding for four full-time and several part-time research staff. We hope that the long-term and integrated nature of the work being conducted will provide 'added value' to the prisons research community. The overarching theme of the research programme being undertaken is the project 'Shaping Prison Life'.