Cropwood Fellowship

The Cropwood Programme of Short-Term Fellowship awards was set up in 1968 as a means of enabling practitioners in the criminal justice field to make a contribution to knowledge in their area of interest by undertaking a small piece of research or intensive study of a particular topic. The last fellowships were awarded in 2003. A review of the programme was conducted in 2009 by Professor Lösel and Dr. Sarah van Mastrigt.

Previous Fellows

Below are listed some recent Cropwood Fellows, together with the research they conducted during their fellowship.

2003 Anthony Whitehead, Probation Officer Reducing Man to man Violence - a programme module on masculinity and offending by men
Richard Nicholls, Ormiston Children and Families Trust Visiting Time - family visits to prisoners
2002 Julian Broadhead, Probation Officer To evaluate the effects of published writing in the UK (with US comparisons) influenced by experiences of imprisonment
Sarah de Mas, Fair Trials Abroad Protecting the rights of the travelling citizen: Freedom, security, and justice in the European Legal Area
Tim Newell, Ex Prison Governor, H.M Prisons Grendon and Springhill To develop ideas and practices of restorative justice within prisons in England and Wales
Matthew Sawers, Detective Chief Inspector, West Midlands Police To develop the potential for compiling 'soft' and 'hard' burglary data to improve FLINTS (Forensic Linked Intelligence Systems)
2001 Kathy Biggar, Senior Probation Officer, HMP Wandsworth To examine the reoffending rates of prisoners who, through the Prisoner Befriending Scheme, have been trained as `Listeners'
Fiona Byrne, Senior Careers Adviser, Cambridgeshire Careers Guidance Limited To investigate what influences the level and nature of the information-sharing process among Youth Offending Team practitioners
Mark Hardy, Probation Officer, Inner London Probation Service To analyse the impact of the changing conceptualisation of 'risk' and 'dangerousness' on probation practice with mentally disordered offenders and addressing 'What Works' in probation practice with mentally disordered offenders
2000 Harvinder Khatkar, Sergeant, West Midlands Police Establishing whether the recruitment and selection of minority ethnic officers within the West Midlands Police is pursuant to Equal Opportunities
Graeme Seddon, Probation Officer, Cambridgeshire Probation Service Pre-sentence reports: Assessing quality
Patrick Wing, Police Superintendent, West Midlands Police Researching the various methods of consultation with a view to implementing a more dynamic and meaningful process on the Operational Command Unit, targeting in particular ethnic minorities and young people within those communities
1999 David Harvey, Inspector, Cambridgeshire Constabulary Establishing protocols for police and local authority early identification of young people at risk from offending
Alex Marshall, Inspector, Metropolitan Police The way forward - post 'Lawrence'. Disproportionality and the black victim
Carol Barnes, Family Therapist, HMYOI & RC Feltham An evaluation of family work with adolescent sex offenders who are undertaking the Sex Offender Treatment Programme
Mark Harris, Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Inner London Probation Service Report: Risk assessments in presentence reports: their impact on the sentencing process