Centre for Penal Theory and Penal Ethics - Criminalisation

Mediating Principles for Criminalisation

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The Centre's second German-language project concerns 'mediating' principles that restrict the criminalisation of harmful or offensive conduct. A colloquium on this subject was held in Basel, Switzerland in December 2004, in which a number of leading German criminal-law theorists attended. Themes discussed included 'subsidiarity' and the ultima-ratio principle; tolerance as reason for limiting criminalisation; the Verhältnismäßigkeit principle (proportionality of intervention to the importance of its objectives); and questions of reducing punishments in situations involving numerous responsible actors.

The resulting book has appeared under the title, A. von Hirsch, K. Seelmann and W. Wohlers (eds), 'Mediating Principles': Begrenzungsprinzipien bei der Strafbegründung, Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft (2006).