Learning & Teaching Staff

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Full Time Learning and Teaching Staff

Please note that all phone numbers are prefixed with: +44 (0) 1223, and numbers beginning with 3 are preceeded by 3, numbers beginning with 4 or 6 are preceeded by 7. Click to call is enabled on this table:

Name Role Room Number Email
Dr. Barak Ariel Lecturer in Experimental Criminology 1.4 67378 ba285@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Paolo Campana University Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks 2.2 67375 pc524@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Timothy Coupe Lecturer in Criminal Justice Management 3.9 62968 rtc23@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Ben Crewe Director, Cambridge Penology Programme and from October 2015 University Reader in Penology 2.12 63914 bc247@cam.ac.uk
Professor Manuel Eisner Wolfson Professor of Criminology
Professor of Comparative and Developmental Criminology
2.5 35374 mpe23@cam.ac.uk
Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe Director of the Institute and Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice 2.16 35377 lrg10@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Caroline Lanskey Lecturer in Applied Criminology 2.13a 62917 cml29@cam.ac.uk
Professor Alison Liebling Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice 2.6 35371 al115@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Katrin Müller-Johnson Senior Lecturer in Applied Criminology 3.2 67184 kum20@cam.ac.uk
Dr Peter Neyroud Lecturer in Evidence-Based Policing 3.12 46519 pwn22@cam.ac.uk
Professor Lawrence Sherman Director, Jerry Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology
Chair, Cambridge Police Executive Programme
1.1 62094 (PA) ls434@cam.ac.uk
Professor Heather Strang Director, Police Executive Programme 1.2 67370 hs404@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Justice Tankebe University Lecturer in Criminology 2.9 67366 jt340@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Kyle Treiber University Lecturer in Neurocriminology 3.3 62947 kht25@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Maria Ttofi University Lecturer in Psychological Criminology
Data Protection Officer
2.8 67186 mt394@cam.ac.uk
Professor Per-Olof Wikström Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology 3.7 35378 pow20@cam.ac.uk

Part time Learning and Teaching Staff

Name Role Room Number Email
Dr. Geoffrey Barnes Affiliated Lecturer in Evidence-based Policing gcb1002@cam.ac.uk
Sir Denis O'Connor Affiliated Lecturer N/a N/a do299@cam.ac.uk
John Parkinson Visiting Scholar in Applied Criminology and Police Management N/a N/a jdp44@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Michael Rice Affiliated Lecturer N/a N/a mer21@cam.ac.uk
Crispian Strachan Visiting Scholar in Applied Criminology and Police Management N/a N/a cs672@cam.ac.uk
Dr. Lucy Willmott Teaching and Research Associate 2.13 35368 lw400@cam.ac.uk

Emeritus Staff

Name Role Room Number Email
Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms Wolfson Professor Emeritus of Criminology 3.8 35366 aeb11@cam.ac.uk
Professor David Farrington Professor Emeritus of Psychological Criminology 2.3 N/a N/a
Dr. Adrian Grounds Honorary Research Fellow 2.18 35379 ag113@cam.ac.uk
Professor Andreas von Hirsch Honorary Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law and Criminology and Founding Director, Centre for Penal Theory & Penal Ethics 3.1 35365 vonhirsch@jur.uni-frankfurt.de
Professor Friedrich Lösel Professor Emeritus of Criminology 3.7 35385 fal23@cam.ac.uk