Rachelle Larocque

Ph.D Student



  • Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Criminoloy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
    Thesis focus: A Critical Analysis of Canadian Penology and Scholarship
    Supervisor: Professor Alison Liebling

  • Master of Arts, Sociology (Specialization in Criminology), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
    Thesis focus: Serials: The Contested and Contextual Meanings of Seriality.
    Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Haggerty

  • Bachelor of Arts, Highest Honours, Criminology (Concentration in Sociology; Minor in Psychology), Carleton Univeristy, Ottawa, Canada
    Honours Thesis: Differential Media Attention to Canadian Serial Killer Cases.
    Supervisor: Dr Aaron Doyle

Research Interests

  • Neo-liberal governance
  • Homelessness, Poverty and Prisoner Rights
  • Prison and its legitimacy
  • Penal and Social Policy
  • History of Crime and Punishment
  • Criminological Theory
  • Serial offenders and Violent Crime
  • Paraphilias

Awards / Grants

Year(s) Title
2009-2012 Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
2009-2012 Commonwealth Scholarship
2008-2009 Diane Elizabeth Cossins Memorial Scholarship in Criminology
2008-2009 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship (Master's)
2007-2008 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s
2007-2008 Walter H Johns Graduate Fellowship
2007-2008 Graduate Recruitment Bursary
2007-2008 University of Alberta Master’s Scholarship (Honorary)
2007-2008 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (Declined in Favour of SSHRC)
2007-2008 University Medal in Arts (Carleton University)
2006-2007 Frederick William Baldwin Scholarship
2006-2007 Henry Campbell Scholarship
2005-2006 Irene Gertrude Scholarship
2005-2006 Millennium Scholarship
2004-2007 Fairfax Financial Scholarship

Conference Presentations

  • Larocque, Rachelle. (2007). 'Differential Media Attention to Canadian Serial Killer Cases.' Presented at W David Pierce Research Colloquium, University of Alberta, November 3, 2007.
  • Larocque, Rachelle. (2007). 'Ushering a new era? Deliberate self-harm confessions on the internet.' Presented at A Day in the History of Medicine, University of Alberta, March 27, 2008.
  • Larocque, Rachelle. (2008). ““Safeguarding” Canadian Communities: The Tackling Violent Crime Act and the Importance of “Responsibility” within Neo-liberalism.” Presented at the American Society of Criminology Conference, St Louis MO, November 12-15, 2008.


Book Review:

  • Larocque, R.M.(2010). Why We Kill: Understanding Violence Across Cultures and Disciplines. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 49(5):547-548
  • Larocque, RM. (2011) 'Supermax: Controlling Risk Through Solitay Confinement'. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 50(2): 227-228