Research Abstract

Dr Paolo Campana

University Lecturer

Director of the Institute of Criminology's Ph.D. Programme

Research Abstract

Paolo's work specialises in organised crime and forms of extra-legal governance. Other areas of interest include corporate crime and fraud; trust, reputation and mechanisms of cooperation in illegal settings. Moreover, Paolo has a strong interest in the application of network analysis techniques to the study of organised forms of criminality.

He is currently working on the issue of the trafficking and smuggling of drugs and human beings into Europe, and the internal structure of Mafia-like organisations. In addition, he is investigating the mechanisms underpinning corporate fraud. His recent work has appeared in the British Journal of Criminology, Theoretical Criminology, European Journal of Criminology, Rationality and Society, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, Policing, Trends in Organised Crime and Global Crime, and it has been translated into Chinese, French and Italian.